Segway in Seattle with Kurt and Jimi

I was intrigued by the Segway when I first read about it years back. Would the eccentric electric personal scooter be the secret weapon that weaned us away from the internal combustion engine, at least in part? Well, no. But it does have its uses. The Segway may be the best way to tour a city. I did just that in Seattle with my family recently, touring the city from Pioneer Square up the waterfront through the Pike Place Market and on to the Space Needle and the Rock and Roll Museum. We all knew Seattle pretty well, almost like a second home, but you perceive it differently atop a Segway, more clearly than from a car, bus or bicycle. Also, you get to see city life from the elevated perspective of an NBA player (in my case, a point guard).

We went with an outfit called Seattle by Segway, which has the coolness factor of operating out of the O. K. Hotel that once had Nirvana concerts. The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix supposedly also performed there.

Price for the adventure? 65 bucks per person for about two hours, Segway lesson included. Concerts extra.

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