Roger L. Simon on The Andrea Tantaros Show Tomorrow Morning

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PJM’s co-founder Roger L. Simon is scheduled to appear Thursday, July 11, 10:30 AM EST/7:30 PST on the Andrea Tantaros show to discuss his recent article on the George Zimmerman trial, “The Zimmerman Trial as Media Pornography“:

If you still, for some reason, need proof that racism in today’s America is largely a liberal mind game, watch ten minutes of the George Zimmerman trial.

This farce of jurisprudence would never have occurred without leading “liberals” like Al Sharpton and his mainstream media buddies beating the drums endlessly for an indictment in a case the local Florida authorities never wanted to try (and for good reason).

Barack Obama helped out too, injecting the presidency (and race) in an unfortunate, but minor regional death by saying “If I had a son, he’d look just like Trayvon.”

I guess all black people look alike to Obama who, unlike Trayvon, attended the most exclusive private school in Hawaii followed by Occidental, Columbia and Harvard in that order. No such luck for Trayvon and, most likely, not much more had he lived. He wasn’t exactly an honor student and evidently dabbled in petty crime. But he did share something with the president, an attraction for cannibis sativa.

Read the whole thing and click here to listen live online.