Which of These 40 Headlines Do You Find Most Horrifying? The Child Murders?


Check out this week’s previous installments in this new series aggregating the most emotionally disturbing headlines around the web. Thursday: How Many Million Muslims Want to Murder Gays and ‘Dishonored’ Women?. Wednesday: 33 Headlines Today That Know the Secret For Grabbing Your Attention. Series debut on Tuesday: Is There a Connection Between Brigitte Bardot’s 100 Lovers & Her 4 Suicide Attempts?

3 today Via Drudge: Death, Death, and Sex (the ebola stories are taking up most of the need for death coverage at Drudge and many sites):


Doctors and nurses who help severely disabled or terminally ill people to take their own lives are less likely to face criminal charges after Britain’s most senior prosecutor amended guidelines on assisted suicide.

Until now all health care professionals faced a greater chance than others of being prosecuted for helping people to die because of the trust their patients placed in them.

Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, said this special deterrent would now only apply to those directly involved in a person’s care.

Anti-euthanasia campaigners accused Ms Saunders of “decriminalising” assisted suicide by health care professionals “at a stroke of her pen”.

2. Family receives text from dead grandmother…

3. STUDY: Male brains wired to ignore food in favor of sex…

Some worms had been genetically engineered to make them more sensitive to the smell of food by tampering with their neurones.

It was revealed that the normal male worms left their food source and went in search of a mate.

However the males who had been genetically engineered to be “hungrier” were ten times less successful at mating as they wanted to stay by the food source.

At TMZ: Death, Sex, and Attempted Death:


Someone did something wrong in the medical procedure that led to Joan Rivers’ death … this according to one source involved in the investigation.

The Medical Examiner has said the death was the result of a therapeutic, predictable complication. Sources tell us … the complication did NOT involve the Propofol administered to Joan. The complication was the result of the procedure itself.

5. Stephen Collins: Wife Blasted Him For Movie Role … As a Pedophile Priest

6. War Machine Attempts Suicide by Hanging in Jail

War Machine tried to kill himself in his Las Vegas jail cell this week … but his attempt was foiled by a corrections officer.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Tuesday night around 9:30 an officer was walking by War Machine’s cell in Clark County Jail. The officer saw him sitting on the ground with his feet up on the bunk bed. When the officer called to him he was unresponsive.

At Mediaite: Sex, Sex, Sex punctuated by Ebola death stories…

The lead story:

7. Fox’s Kilmeade Shuts Down Gohmert for Mocking Geraldo’s ‘Nudie Selfies’

Two more sure to grab attention:

8. Jon Stewart Thanks the Comedy Gods for Charlie Crist’s Sweaty Balls

9. Coach Sends Video of Himself Masturbating to Female Students, Claims Accident

At Salon: Sex and Death combined, and sex and sex

10. BDSM haunted houses and sexy demons: Why it’s so hard to separate sex and horror

But I suppose running into a porn star demon really forced the question for me: What is it about sex and horror?

I decided to ask the demon herself, one Lorelei Lee, a performer, director and author. “Well, in my experience, people get very turned on by fear,” she said. “Fear drives endorphins and endorphins heighten sensation to make pleasure more pleasurable.” Whether it’s watching a horror movie where you know there’s a bad guy around the corner or having sex with someone for the first time, there is “anticipation, tension, suspense,” she points out. “These are all elements of fear, and they’re all emotions that, when used effectively, get us to forget to analyze a situation with our rational brains. For a lot of people, sexual desire isn’t fully satisfied unless they can let go of the critical and rational part of their brains — fear can help you get there faster.” The similarities between sex and scares don’t end there, either: “The fear and release of fear acts really similarly to an orgasm — a building up of tension, followed by a rush of endorphins.”

11. It’s normal for teens to sext

12. Is this the child pornography case John Grisham is talking about?

The Daily Mail shows how it’s done with loading up the sex and death onto one homepage:


13. Family confirms that actress Misty Upham is dead after her body is found in the woods two weeks after she went missing

14. How money-obsessed teen lay in wait at home to ‘murder one-by-one his entire family in the hope of inheriting just $3,000’

15. ‘Jail Oscar for ten years’: Prosecutor demands long prison sentence for Blade Runner killer as his family ‘rocks’ mount show of support 

16. Five-month-old baby boy ‘dies from enterovirus’ after failing to wake up from his afternoon nap

17. Pakistani Christian woman is sentenced to hang for ‘blasphemous’ comments about prophet Mohammed during row with Muslim women who refused to share water

18. Heart-stopping moment cops talked suicidal man off a ledge in Times Square as the street came to a standstill 11-stories below


19. Wisconsin man armed with 33 sex toys arrested after he is accused of throwing them at teenage girls

20. Teenagers charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy who was left with ‘life-threatening’ injuries

21. Ruthless gang of New York strippers are offered plea deals on charges of ‘stealing $200,000 from wealthy men’s credit cards after spiking their drinks with cocaine and ecstasy’

22. Risqué swimsuit calendar shot on US army property prompts investigation by Utah National Guard

23. Seattle woman shames sex offender by posting photos of his face on Twitter after he ‘groped her’

24. Justice apologizes for 234 sexually explicit emails that he sent and received, but insists his colleagues are out to get him

25. Florida ‘sex tourist’ busted in international sting for repeatedly traveling to Colombia ‘to have sex with young girls and produce homemade porn films’

26. Man sues for emotional distress ‘after he awoke from surgery to find he was wearing pink women’s underwear’

27. Teacher who slept with her 14-year-old student is now spared probation after she avoided jail and was excused part of her sentence to care for newborn twins

28. From nude playmates and scantily clad strippers to a pre-fame Marilyn Monroe – risqué new photography book celebrates the ‘Godfather of pin ups’

29. Mon Dieu! Parisians claim city has been ‘humiliated’ by 24ft sculpture that resembles a massive sex toy – but artist insists it’s meant to be a TREE! 

Both Sex and Death

30. Porn actor HIV scare spurs another call to shut down California’s adult film industry

31. Man ‘high the vapors from sealing a floor killed his mother-in-law in front of his daughter, six, and was sexually abusing the body when police arrived’

32. Troubled daughter of slain California porn tycoon sentenced to two years for identity theft and credit card fraud scheme

33. On trial for mass murder, forced marriage and rape, Pol Pot’s right-hand men: Khmer Rouge leaders in court for regime’s brutality 40 years ago 

34. Pastor who confessed to having sex with married parishioners but failed to reveal he had AIDS is temporarily banned from church

Do these 3 from the Daily Mail hit hardest? Sex and Death in a different way:

35. Convicted felon pleads guilty to punching his girlfriend’s 4-year-old godson to death because the boy didn’t want to take a nap 

36. Mother of three who jumped out of second floor window with her twin babies, before landing on top of one killing him, is jailed on charges of murder

37. Baby girl dies after father left her in car in Oregon parking lot for SIX hours

At the New York Post, a great one from Kyle Smith:

38. Brad Pitt should be court-martialed for war-porn ‘Fury’

The film is, at times, a harrowing, visceral experience — you can almost smell the corpses as truckloads of them rumble through the mud — and the grit of “Fury” makes a contribution, of sorts.

Yet I couldn’t help suspecting that there’s a pornographic leer to it all, a savage glee.

“It will end soon, but before it happens, a lot more people gotta die,” Pitt’s character tells us.

Thanks, Sgt. Obvious, but there’s much more to war than just maximizing the body count, and this film’s implication that getting mowed down a few days before war’s end is more glorious than surrender is appalling, juvenile and wrong.

39. Social ‘butt’-erflies: Celebs’ most bodacious belfies

Perhaps best to end with a laugh, if you didn’t already have enough reasons to reject Generation X’s most overrated comedian with the most inexplicable career:

40. Dane Cook says he slept with a ‘few hundred’ groupies

How DID Dane Cook get so popular for awhile there? Your guess is as good as mine…

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