What Is the Most Shocking Crime Drama on TV Today?

In partnership with the new fiction publishing platform Liberty Island, PJ Lifestyle is going to begin promoting and co-hosting a series of debates and discussions about popular culture. The goal is to figure out what works and what doesn’t so that in the future we can promote and create better fiction and culture of our own. These are public brainstorming sessions for writers and culture advocates interested in developing a more vibrant popular culture. You’re invited to submit your answers to any of these questions — or a related one of your own! — that interests you:

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The most interesting answers may be linked, cross-posted, or published at PJ Lifestyle. For this week’s debates we’re going to focus on crime in fiction.

From Dave Swindle:

So I had a few list articles the past few days and I’d like to use them as a catalyst to launch a few weeks of debates and discussions about crime in popular culture. At the PJ Tatler:

30 Books For Defeating Valerie Jarrett’s Cult of Political Criminals

In the article I concluded with talking about how the books themes all come together in President Jarrett’s favorite TV show, Scandal. Then on Saturday at PJ Lifestyle, I concluded this piece excerpting from the conclusion to explain why I considered it #1 on the list:

The 10 Most Terrible, Overrated Shows on Netflix Streaming You Must Avoid

On my list I named many shows that start with small crimes and then have to progressively up the ante to keep viewers engaged. But there’s loads of TV today that I haven’t seen. Maybe there are others worse? What shows today do you think have transgressed too many moral lines and descended to trash?