4 Videos of Maura the Siberian Husky Inaugurates a New Feature


Editor’s Note: With my wife out of the country installing her first solo art exhibition she’s been missing our Siberian Husky puppy Maura so I’ve made a point to shoot 15 second Instagram videos of her to share throughout the day, along with the usual photographs. In keeping with rule 1 of my New Year’s Resolutions I’ve decided to institute a new midday, daily feature at PJ Lifestyle. Everyday at least one cute animal video, either shot by myself, submitted by a reader, or discovered somewhere online. We’ll start with these four from yesterday but please email contributions to this feature to [email protected]  – David Swindle

Walking in the morning on Ventura Boulevard:

In the afternoon we ran at the park:

Hunting squirrels in the afternoon at the park:

And finally walking home:


I’ll try and shoot more Maura videos and schedule more from her and other cute animals from now on.