Kristy Swanson Wrecks Fellow Actress Alyssa Milano After 'Bad Panic Attack'

(Source: @KristySwansonXO / Twitter)

Actress Kristy Swanson — who became famous for her role as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” — is one of the most vocal and popular MAGA stars out there. Every day, she takes to Twitter to defend President Trump and take on his most ardent critics — especially those living in Hollywood.

Fellow actress Alyssa Milano is, politically, the exact opposite of Swanson: she truly hates Trump. Day after day, Milano shares tweets and videos in which she accuses Trump of the vilest possible crimes and vices. Where Swanson is beloved by the right, Milano is the left’s Hollywood darling.

Aside from their political ideas, there’s another major difference between Swanson and Milano. Where the former seems to be mentally healthy, the latter is… well… less so. As Milano herself writes on Twitter: “I had a bad panic attack last night. Any specialists out there know why my anxiety is so much worse right after my period? Which hormone is depleted?”

Of course you feel sorry for any person who suffers from anxiety attacks. I’m not a psychologist, but it seems to me that her obsessive anti-Trump tweets and these attacks may be linked in one way or another. Perhaps one causes the other, or perhaps they are both symptoms of the same underlying problem. Who knows?

Well, Kristy Swanson knows. Her response to Milano is truly hilarious: “You are premenopausal with unbearably high levels of TDS. Best of luck.”

As conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch’s husband, Chris, says: “I’m ded.”

Oh, and Swanson deserves extra points for being a fan of President Reagan: