Finally: Clare Bronfman Becomes First NXIVM Sex-Slave Trafficker to Get Jail Time

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Clare Bronfman, the Seagram’s heiress and sex-slave trafficker, was finally sentenced for her crimes against women and children on Wednesday. The New York Post reported:

Seagram’s liquor heiress and Nxivm cult member Clare Bronfman was sentenced Wednesday to six years and nine months in prison for her role in the upstate cult — a far harsher sentence than even prosecutors had asked for.

The daughter of late Canadian billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr. pleaded guilty last year to charges related to the notorious group and its sex-trafficking svengali, Keith Raniere.

I highly recommend the HBO documentary The Vow, which gives an inside look into the absolute insanity that was NXIVM. Powerful and elite weirdos ran the sex cult. They claimed to be searching for meaning but were, in fact, desperately in need of psychotherapy. Both Allison Mack and Keith Raniere are still waiting for sentencing more than a year after their convictions.

Bronfman received a little more than six years in the slammer for her part in the trafficking cult that enslaved illegal immigrants and tortured women and minor teens. To me, it seems light, but the prosecution claims it was more than they even asked for and was the maximum allowable sentence for this type of crime. Apparently, Judge Nicholas Garaufis showed up to play hardball.

Bronfman, 41, faced 30 months behind bars under federal sentencing guidelines for charges of conspiracy to conceal and harbor an illegal alien for financial gain and fraudulent use of identification, although prosecutors had sought twice that, calling for five years.

But Garaufis ultimately delivered an even stiffer punishment — sending her to the slammer for 81 months and ordering her to pay a $500,000 fine.

The heiress’ eyes widened as she received the news, while at least one victim put her hands together in a motion of thanks to the judge. Bronfman was then escorted out of the courtroom by three US Marshals, past six victims who had earlier told the court she is a “dangerous megalomaniac” and a “predator.”

Five hundred thousand dollars isn’t that much to a billionaire so we can assume her eyes got wide at the thought of six years in the Big House without access to her posh lifestyle. Bronfman was responsible for bankrolling the cult which enabled it to carry out its gross deeds in the secret group called DOS where women including minor teens were starved, sexually abused, and even branded with Raniere’s and Mack’s initials. Bronfman kept slaves who she forced to do menial tasks like making hand-made food for her dog without pay.

Good for Judge Garaufis on his “no mercy” ruling! Here’s to hoping that the next two, Raniere and Mack, get the book thrown at them, too.

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