Lunatic Mob Assaults Gun Rights Activist at Ohio College. Time for Trump to Defund Schools That Harbor Anarchists.

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Kaitlin Bennett is a person most famous for open carrying a gun on college campuses to bring attention to gun rights. She’s controversial to some, especially when she confronts social justice warriors about their beliefs. Whether or not you agree with anything Bennett has to say, her right to say it and move about the country unimpeded should not be in question. She visited Ohio University on Monday and chaos ensued. Now the left is cheering this behavior and calling for more.

[Language Warning]

She deserved it, of course, because she has views that the animals at Ohio University don’t share. I don’t care what Bennett thinks about any subject, or if she even is a white supremacist (she isn’t), this behavior is criminal and the police just standing there doing nothing should be fired immediately. We don’t even know what she was there to do. No one in that mob had any interest in hearing anything she had to say. Bennett isn’t my favorite young conservative by any stretch, I find her bikini photos cringeworthy and not representative of how I want my daughters or young conservatives to behave. I think she’s young and impulsive and that usually comes with stupidity. But Kaitlin Bennett has a right to exist. She has the same rights as any American to not be assaulted for her beliefs. We don’t do that here. Or at least, we didn’t until the left took over college campuses and started telling young idiots that their feelings matter more than facts, laws, or civility.

There is a groupthink mentality that has taken over the left which makes any diversion from approved thought patterns a dangerous activity that could end with broken bones and bleeding skulls. These people have not been taught the merits of debate or rational discussion. I would like to think that I could stand on a stage with a white supremacist or a communist and completely destroy their philosophy with my words, shake hands, and go about my day. We used to agree in America that while we abhor the ideas of communism, communists have a right to exist here. And equally, while we abhor the ideas of white supremacists, they have a right to exist in America in exactly the same way that the Black Panthers have a right to exist. The free exchange of ideas here is what makes this country great. Tolerating abhorrent viewpoints keeps us from devolving into chaos and war because no one is in charge of speech regulation, so no one can be silenced. How many white supremacists are there in America? 100? I mean real ones who go to meetings and write philosophy, not just “people who disagree with other people about big government.”  There are surely way more communists in America than white supremacists and no one is demanding they be punched in the face.

These rabid co-eds, however, won’t be satisfied until there is blood. This is not America. This is some banana republic behavior that only ends one way. Violence and death. If they keep this up then the revolution they want so badly may be upon them. I don’t think they will like it when their targets begin to fight back. You can only push reasonable people so far. And mobbing a small girl who thinks differently than you and targeting her with violence and threats and calling for more is what will get reasonable people to stop tolerating campus terrorism.

Twitter has a so-called policy of no targeted harassment, but is allowing “punch Kaitlin Bennett” to trend. This should not surprise anyone, but it’s good to point it out.

Ohio University police are trying to claim they didn’t do anything wrong by allowing a mob to throw things at Bennett and impede her car and pound on it and engage in harassment and intimidation as they stood there dumbly doing nothing. They released a statement that said in part, “Contrary to allegations circulating on social media, the incident did not rise to the level of a riot.” One wonders what a riot would look like according to these police officers. Would you want your daughter in that situation while police stood there doing nothing?

Much like the Portland police, these officers appear to be blinded by political correctness and unable to use their eyeballs to discern that this crowd is vandalizing someone’s car right in front of them. The two-tiered justice system continues: the one for far leftists who can destroy things, break windows, beat people up in the streets, shut down traffic, and the one for the rest of us who will be held to the letter of the law in all circumstances. Welcome to America 2.0. It’s a joke.

Bennett is calling for Donald Trump to remove federal funding from schools that are harboring these types of violent anarchists. I agree. Pull the plug.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter