Chick-fil-A in Sacramento Set to Pay $17 Per Hour

There’s good news coming out of Sacramento, California. Chick-fil-A, the (so very tasty) fast food chain, just announced that it will be hiring “hospitality professionals” for $17 per hour. This will apply to new hires as well as current employees who apply for the open positions.


Currently, employees at the location off Madison Avenue in Sacramento earn $12.50-$13 per hour. Owner and operator Eric Mason told ABC News that his business has a great relationship with the community — which includes the staff — and that it is important to pay his employees a living wage.

As it stands, the minimum wage for California is set to hit $15 per hour by 2022, and it will increase by $.50 this year alone. But Mason’s initiative will surpass what is legally required of him as an employer. In addition to the pay increase, “leadership level employees will receive paid time off. All employees will receive paid sick leave.”

Mason stressed that he wants to make an impact and is looking for people who want to have a long-term work opportunity. He wants people who are “trying to raise families, improve their lifestyle” to apply for the positions.

While the high hourly wages might be a challenge for the business, Mason feels it will be worth it when it has an impact on the community.

You can apply for the hospitality professional role here.

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