High Society Wedding Announcement Is the Best Thing You'll Read All Day

It can be a big deal when members of “high society” get married. Those with a long pedigree tend to enjoy the announcements that go along with major life events, such as debutante balls (when young women are “introduced to society”), engagements, and wedding plans.

Such seems to be the case for Savile Collins de Montenay FitzAlan de Dinan Lord, who recently married Kenneth Lowell Harvey Oscar Johnson on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017, in Palm Beach. While the bridegroom’s past is nothing to sneeze at (he has an MBA, co-founded the International Education Consultant Group in Seoul, South Korea, and was a marketing, finance, and economics professor at universities in China), his lineage is nothing compared to that of his new bride.

The bride, as the wedding announcement in the Palm Beach Daily News explains, graduated from The Fay School in Massachusetts, and Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, Connecticut. She received her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University in American government. But that is perhaps where the similarity to most people’s past ends. According to the announcement, she “was presented to society at the Infirmary Ball in New York, the Batchelor’s Cotillon in Baltimore, Queen Charlotte’s Ball in London, and the Opera Ball in Vienna, Austria.”

Ok, so not everyone has several deb balls under their belt. Not bad. But there’s more: “She is descended from the English baron Foulques FitzWarin, who was at the Magna Carta and is the subject of the famous 13th-century manuscript The Romance of Fulques Fitzwarenne; and of his father, Guarin de Metz, the Lorraine noble who won the famous tournament at Whittington Castle in Shropshire, England.”

Savile de Dinan Lord also happens to be a Daughter of the American Revolution, as well as a member of the Daughters of the Colonial Wars, the Society of the Friends of St. George’s and the Descendants of the Knights of the Garter, and of the Metropolitan Club in Washington, D.C.

It turns out that the bride’s upbringing has not only primed her for her marriage to Mr. Kenneth Johnson, but it has also prepared her for her current job as the manager of the SPAM® Museum in Austin, Minn., and community relations at Hormel Foods.

Well, you can’t win ’em all?