Amazon-Style Reviews of Zoo Animals Go Viral

Sometimes Amazon ratings are the best part of the product. How often do we find strange or downright hilarious reviews of items that people have purchased? You thought that ball would be tons of fun? Good thing you read the review first to find out that it’s more like playing with the boulder from Indiana Jones.

To welcome in the weekend, the Oregon Zoo decided to have a little fun in the style of Amazon ratings. They started posting funny reviews of their animals as if they had just purchased them online. Soon, everyone jumped on the bandwagon—from regular people who love pets to other zoos and aquariums—using the hashtag #rateaspecies.

We rounded up some of the funniest so far.

This tiny item got four stars!

Well, what are you supposed to do with your GoPro then?? It still got four stars??

Good thing the top rotates. No mention of how it functions in daylight.

The Boxers are faulty:

The best alarm clocks bat you in the face repeatedly until you get out of bed:

Finally, something that can help clear the lawn!

There’s nothing better than ordering a product and having tons of replacements for when the first one runs out:

Poor thing lost stars for not being a panda:

Do you have any of your own reviews to add?