The Costumes From 'Jesus Christ Superstar Live' Were on Point

If you had the opportunity to catch Jesus Christ Superstar Live on NBC on Sunday evening, you weren’t alone. Apparently 9.4 million viewers tuned in on Easter to watch the revamp of the 1970 rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. But perhaps more noticeable than the fact that the performance was far better than other recent live musicals was the costume design.

Countless people took to Twitter for some live-tweeting action during the broadcast. While some commented on the diversity of the cast, the incredible voices of the performers, and Alice Cooper’s portrayal of King Herod, others couldn’t help but notice the crazy outfits featured throughout the show.

Admittedly, they were pretty cool:

Are we sure that Kanye West had nothing to do with this?

Judas has always been pretty sylin’:

He was king of the Jews, so maybe?

You, too, can dress like Jesus and the Apostles:

And the deep-V tee-shirts just keep getting deeper…

When Judas comes back in a sparkly ensemble, supported by equally sparkly backup dancers and singers, he was certain to not be outdone:

Hipster disciples, anyone?

Yeah, the bad guys’ outfits really were on point…

Who wouldn’t want one??

And perhaps you also noticed how similar they looked to the excellent dudes from Bill and Ted?

So to recap…

No, but seriously, where can we get those coats???