Kevin Smith Survives Massive Heart Attack

Kevin Smith, star of Jay and Silent Bob, has a lot to be grateful for. The indie film director shared a tweet earlier this week following a show he performed. He is pictured in bed with a hospital gown, sharing the news that he survived a massive heart attack—otherwise known as a “widow maker.” It turns out that he had 100 percent blockage of the left anterior descending artery, which supplies blood to the front left side of the heart.

Smith has been overweight for years, and has been shedding the pounds since he was kicked off a flight in 2010 when he couldn’t fit into the seat. In 2015, he tweeted side-by-side pictures of himself, showcasing his 85-pound weight loss.

The beloved actor/director got a lot of love on Twitter from supportive friends and fans who were happy that he survived the health scare.

Superstar Chris Pratt encouraged everyone to pray for Smith:

Even The Rock had well wishes for him:

Smith came on the scene in 1994 with his breakout black and white indie drama, Clerks. He had to max out credit cards to see that the film was made. The final budget was nearly $28,000 and it ended up grossing around $3 million in theaters.

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