Chipotle Is Giving Away Free Queso!

Chipotle lovers rejoice! Next Tuesday, December 12, you will get a chance to try the company’s new queso recipe for free. But there’s a catch: you have to wear your “cheesiest” holiday sweater.

In a recent tweet, Chipotle announced its intention to give away the new menu item, which had a less than stellar debut. When the queso (which is a Tex-Mex take on melted cheese) was initially introduced, customers complained about the texture and flavor, according to CNN Money. Chipotle said it was a result of using all-natural ingredients, but after more complaints, the company decided to change its recipe.

The new queso still steers clear of preservatives and artificial ingredients, and a spokesperson told CNN that the new recipe “is creamier than the initial recipe, and still has a really delicious flavor.”

If you’re a fan of the “casual dining” restaurant, then word of the new and improved queso gives you yet another reason to get in line for a burrito or bowl. (As if you really needed an excuse to go there.) But it turns out that the new item has been successful at recruiting new customers and getting back old ones. In fact, sales rose 17 percent last quarter. Mark Crumpacker, the Chief Marketing Officer for Chipotle, noted that about “19 percent of these new and returning customers are trying queso, while many of the others were simply driven in by the advertising.”

So if you haven’t given your cheesy holiday sweater a spin yet this year, make sure you wear it to your nearest (participating) Chipotle on December 12 to get a free taste of queso.