6 Things We Will NOT Miss About Summer

In late May, when the weather is nice and warm and the kids are preparing to finish up school for the year, the summer seems so full of promise. We look forward to three months of family vacations, cookouts, flip-flops and lazy days. But once that first chilly night makes its appearance in early September (and all the pumpkin spice drinks and pastries start appearing in the coffee shops…) most of us are about ready to say goodbye to the summer months. Fall brings with it so much: pumpkins, cider, Thanksgiving, pies, apple picking. It also means the end of other things that we are more than happy to leave behind.

1 Humidity

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In the Northeast, along with much of the country, the humidity is the price we pay for some warm weather. How lovely it will be to not sweat every time we go outside! People with curly hair will rejoice that frizz is no longer taking over their lives! And being able to walk from one location to another without feeling like we’re walking through soup will be a welcomed change.

2. Air Conditioning

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How fortunate we are to live in a society where air conditioning is actually an option. There is nothing like coming inside on a sweltering day, only to cool off in an instant. We even wear sweaters indoors in the summer! But if you have ever gotten an energy bill in the mail in the middle of July, you know all too well how very expensive that precious air conditioning can be. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for that sweet point in the year where you don’t need AC or heat, and just an open window does the trick.

3. Kids Camping Out

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Yes, after a long school year, kids deserve a break. After months of math, science and grammar, they’ve earned their time to veg out on the couch. But only for so long. If you’re like countless other parents, then you would like to rid your couch of the potatoes that have nestled on it for the past couple of months. The TV is likely ready to overheat from overuse, and the snack food in the house is getting pricey to keep replacing. Kids, it is time to get off the couch and back to school!

4. Iced Coffee

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Of course we live for our iced coffees, teas, lattes, double-shot-with-foam drinks when the warm weather hits. They’re refreshing reminders of the hot, lazy days of summer. But coffee shops get away with murder, charging way more for iced beverages than for hot ones (how is that even possible, since most of the “drink” is ice??). At this time of year, a warm beverage is far more appealing on a cooler September day. Buhbye Frappuccino. Hellloooo mulled apple cider, pumpkin spice latte (I know, I know…), and hot chocolate!

5. Pressure for Beach Body

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Who else is totally over counting calories and watching their figure for a beach-ready body? I look forward to not having to put on a bathing suit every weekend to accompany my kid in the pool or at the shore. I want to enjoy my meals without thinking too much about the aftermath. So bring on the homemade pies and cookies. Hello slow cooker stews. I’ve missed you, comfort food!

6. Sunscreen Overload

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Yes, I know that we need to wear sunscreen year-round and that the sun’s harmful rays can still affect us when it’s not hot and sunny out. But since the majority of the summer is spent outdoors, that means slathering the kids in sunscreen every seven minutes. And do you know what’s not enjoyable for parents or kids? Sunscreen every seven minutes. Hello jacket and jeans weather!


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