Vegas Predicts Super Bowl Winners Will Visit White House

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Does anyone just watch the Super Bowl anymore? Between the overhyped commercials and halftime show, it feels like many of the eyeballs on the screen are there for reasons beyond the sport itself. Bringing further attention to trivial aspects of Super Bowl Sunday, Vegas’ growing array of prop bets continues to grow — and this year, Vegas has inserted politics into the gambling. For example, you can bet on whether or not the winning Super Bowl team will visit the White House.

Over the last two years, much has been made out of whether or not championship teams will make the traditional visit to the White House to meet the president. Since Donald Trump causes leftists to hyperventilate at the mere mention of his name, the thought of young athletes being in his presence is cause for concern for many.

However, Vegas believes that the leftist handwringing won’t dissuade the Super Bowl-winning team from visiting the White House. In order to win $100 betting that the team will make the trek to D.C., you will need to gamble $950. On the negative side, every $100 you bet will win you $551 if the winning team snubs the president’s invite.

While I’m not a gambling aficionado, I can’t help but wonder how those odds will shift during the game based on each team’s performance. If it looks like the New England Patriots have the game wrapped up, will that -950 exceed 1,000? Or, if the Los Angeles Rams have the game in the bag, will the -950 decrease?

You see, since Robert Kraft, the Patriots’ owner, is buddies with President Trump, I would imagine there is a much greater chance that his team will visit the White House than the Rams. I’m not saying the Rams will boycott the traditional White House visit if they win, I’m saying that I can see a scenario where that would be more likely.

Whether or not the winning team will visit the White House isn’t the only prop bet concerning Donald Trump that you can make for the 2019 Super Bowl. If you believe that President Trump will have less than .5 typos in his Super Bowl tweets, you will need to put up $290 of your own money to win $100. Betting that Trump will tweet more than 9.5 times on Super Bowl Sunday will win you $100 for every $399 you plop down.

Possibly most distastefully, Las Vegas has turned the National Anthem protest into a sport. If you believe that every single player will remain standing while Gladys Knight belts out the National Anthem, you will need to bet a whopping $1,500 in order to win $100.

If you’re into gambling, Las Vegas has provided you a myriad of ways in which you can lose your money. Shamefully, many of the prop bets feed the political rancor and spirit of division roiling this country.