Cyber-Hack Shows Baseball Worse than Beijing

You thought the Chinese are bad actors online?   Now comes news the FBI are investigating the St. Louis Cardinals for hacking into the computer system of the Houston Astros.  If the allegations are proved true, this is a big deal.  Hacking is not just another case of baseball hijinks. It is serious criminal activity.

Bad baseball behavior online is yet more proof that that game is no longer about the boys of summer. It is about big business, a business that is increasingly disconnected from what once was noble about the game.

From the lack of sound security at the stadium to polluting our popular culture there is mounting evidence that professional baseball is less and less a positive influence in American life.

In many ways this is worse than the Chinese hack of OPM. The attack from Beijing is the kind of espionage activity we ought to expect from a foreign power. That’s what great powers do. They spy on one another. Live with it.

On the other hand, American companies maliciously spying on other companies are no different from bankers robbing other banks.

Cyber-crime is a crime.  There ought to be little tolerance for it, particularly from companies that fly the American flag over their stadium and play the national anthem before every game.

If baseball wants to be America’s game, it needs to start acting more American.