Confirmed: Every Network aiming to have a Mad Men Clone This Fall

While the fifth season of Mad Men itself won’t debut until early 2012, watch for plenty of swank mid-’60s action on the fall TV schedule. Let’s run down the roster, shall we?  As we mentioned last week, ABC has Pan Am and NBC has The Playboy Club.

CBS is deciding to really kick out the video wall paper old school style, with the a reboot of the original TV series about an over-stressed workaholic 30-something man in an ad agency, his troubles with overly demanding management and clients, and his hot blonde wife back in the hinterlands of suburbia.

Yes, I’m talking about Betwitched, of course: That ol’ black magic is back, baby!

In the latest classic TV title getting considered for a reboot, CBS and Sony are developing a script for remake of the classic sitcom Bewitched. This is still in very early stages, but it’s definitely a project worth keeping an eye on.

Sony ushered the return of Angels and the producers of the clunky film version (which starred Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell) are on board. Can you imagine the 2011 pitch of this show, about an ordinary suburban businessman who discovers his wife has magical powers? “It’s Harry Potter meets Desperate Housewives!”

Nahh, it’s Mad Men: The Original Series. To boldly go where no broomstick has gone before. Sadly without the late Elizabeth Montgomery this time around, who managed to look classy and sophisticated, no matter how dopey the scripts that Screen Gems handed her.

Update: I mentioned ABC’s Pan Am series above and in an earlier blog post; at Big Hollywood, Warner Todd Huston writes that it will be as accurate a look at the harsh realities of the airline industry and the social mores of the early 1960s as Bewitched was of Madison Avenue.