Law Enforcement Officers Denied Service at Tacoma, Wash., Cheesecake Factory

Some Cheesecake Factory employees in Tacoma, Wash,. have some ‘splainin’ to do.

When six law enforcement officers walked into the popular restaurant for a hearty work lunch and Christmas gift exchange on Tuesday, they were asked to leave because they were carrying their service weapons. The Cheesecake Factory does have a strict “no firearms” policy, but that, of course, doesn’t extend to on-duty police officers.

Via Fox News Insider:

Washington State Corrections Officer Miriam Nichols posted a message to The Cheesecake Factory Facebook page explaining that she had been refused service for carrying her firearm into a Tacoma-area outlet of the restaurant chain.

Cheesecake Factory Corporate Headquarters released a statement apologizing for the incident and explaining that the managers at the Tacoma restaurant misunderstood the policy.

Our policy is to allow uniformed and identified law enforcement officials to possess their service weapons on our premises. To the extent that there was a miscommunication of our policy, we sincerely apologize.

“I can say I’ve never had that type of reaction before so it does lead me to believe it was a misunderstanding,” said Nichols.

It’s hard to believe that folks aren’t being willfully obtuse when they lump law enforcement officers in with the general public vis-a-vis strict firearm policies. But some sort of “miscommunication” does seem to be what happened there. A little common sense goes a long way in situations like this, but in some liberal areas of the country that may be asking too much.