Marxist Counterculturalists Already Regretting Obama Vote

From counterculture publisher and ex-Capitalist-turned-Marxist Richard Metzger at Dangerous Minds, “Legalized marijuana in Washington and Colorado: Not if Obama can help it“:

Admit it, Obama voters, this is the kinda thing you expected Mitt Romney to do if he got into office. What did this take, all of around 36-hours, to get floated to the press?

Maybe I should have voted for (unimpressive) Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson (I probably agree with him on about 25% of the issues, around the same percentage as I agree with Obama, anyway). On election day it was more appealing to me to record a “f*** you” vote to the Republicans than to make a different sort of protest vote, but Obama is already making me regret that, as tiny a protest as that would have been, just TWO DAYS later!

The problem? The president’s federal government won’t give up without a fight. Metzger:

If his DOJ does nothing about this, no one will even notice (Keep in mind that the Bush administration did very, very little to curb the explosive growth in California’s cannabis trade). Now they’re just going to get mad. F*** Obama. What’s so “Forward” about this s***?

I want my vote back!

I told you so.


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