'Any Man Over 30 Who Still Lives with a Roommate is Simply Afraid to Give Up His College Lifestyle'

4 Ways to Know You’re Dating a ‘Man-Boy’, Not a Man | Love + Sex – Yahoo! Shine:

So you’ve met this great man who seems like a lot of fun, but you can’t help having doubts. “God, I hope that this guy is a man and not the dreaded man-boy,” you think to yourself. You know how man-boys are: they’re the guys who show up on dates, dressed a little on the boyish side. Maybe he wore jeans that were a tad outdated. Maybe he sported a pair of running shoes on his feet. Or perhaps he actually wore a ball cap on a lunch date. It’s always fun at first, but if you overlook it, you’ll find that a month into the relationship, he’s still drinking with buddies every Saturday night instead of spending time being romantic with you. No one wants to end up there, so here are some ways to tell you’re dating a man-boy:

1. He has roommates past the age of 30: Any man over 30 who still lives with a roommate is simply afraid to give up his college lifestyle. He still likes the idea of living in a mini-fraternity: even without all of his friends, he still has a brotherhood of at least one. He might say he’s just saving money, but it’s more likely that he doesn’t want to grow up, which will keep him from important parts of adult life like commitment.

I sympathize with the general sentiments of this piece — a bunch of so-called men today are embarrassments still stuck in a Frat House mentality — but is the above injunction against roommates after 30 too much? Just having roomates after 30 doesn’t automatically make one a man-child, or does it?

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