4 Reasons We're Glad Netflix Canceled 'Chelsea'

Chelsea Handler’s grand Netflix experiment is over.

“Chelsea,” the country’s first streaming talk show, got axed after two seasons. Handler, who cemented her fame via her E! talker “Chelsea Lately,” said the decision to end the show was hers and hers alone.

She simply decided she needed more time to devote to “the resistance.” Because, as we all know, the best way to change the system is by ditching a massive platform like a Netflix show and starting to work those phone lines.

Nevertheless, Handler will soon be an ex-talk show host. That’s good news for viewers seeking smart, funny programming. Here are the reasons why Netflix did the right thing by ending “Chelsea.”

She’s the Weakest Liberal Comic in Town

Say what you will about Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and Bill Maher. These hardcore liberals are generally smart and have a sense of the issues in play.

Not Handler.

Just consider her Tweet demanding a military coup to rid the nation of President Trump. Or the time she suggested “racist” jokes should be illegal. Conservatives may balk at the latest Colbert rant, but they’re confident the “Late Show” host wouldn’t stoop that low.

Handler did. All the time.

How Many Liberal Hosts Do We Need?

Let’s tally up all the late-night talkers who lean to the left. We already mentioned Bee, Colbert, Maher and Oliver. Add Jordan Klepper, Sarah Silverman, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, Jim Jefferies, Trevor Noah and James Corden to that list.

Now, let’s compile a similar list of all the right-leaning hosts.


Did we really need Handler, arguably the weakest comic mind of the aforementioned group?

Hate Isn’t Funny

Too many late-night hosts mistake hate for humor. Colbert’s infamous “c*** holster” gag against President Trump wasn’t funny. It was cruel.

Handler’s persona is to double down on cruel jokes. Then triple down until the funny fades away.

Here’s an example of Handler’s “wit”

Impressive, right? Will anyone miss that brand of humor?

Hypocrisy Doesn’t Sell

Handler made a heartfelt admission on her very first “Chelsea” episode. She confessed she had plenty to learn about politics, and her new show would help expand her horizons. Interview by interview she’d get a feel for the big issues of the day, and we’d learn right along with her.

In our highly manufactured age, the comments proved … refreshing. Real. Raw. Maybe this new “Chelsea” show might be worth our time after all.

Then, she started inviting the usual liberal suspects onto her show. Where were the smart conservatives and libertarians who could show Handler another side of the issues of the day?

More recently, she see-sawed between a “can’t we all get along” vibe and the usual hard-left attacks on Red State America. It’s not a pretty look for a personality we’re supposed to welcome into our home. We won’t have to do that much longer.


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