This Chihuahua's Halloween Costume Was Not Kremlin-Approved


Behold Vladimir Puppin, in which my Puppacita decided to invade a former Soviet state or two for Halloween this year.


She actually did a nice job of mastering Vlad’s expression here as her ear covers Boris’ entire face. (And yeah, I have a full collection of Russian political matryoshka.)


Inspecting her KGB guys. Absent a judo outfit that would have perfectly captured Putin, I searched through Puppa’s red T-shirts and found one that said “Naughty or Nice?” Perfect.


Getting lost in her Sochi snowdrift.


Time to take a nap — a little breather from world domination — with the bear.


A couple of Halloweens ago the Puppacita was a Somali pirate. Some people’s dogs play fetch; mine has a knack for geopolitical affairs.

Tell us what your pets became for Halloween in the comments section…