"Wacky Food of the Week"

Gregg Easterbrook is the single best reason to be excited by the return of the NFL.  Because of it, and during its season, he blogs at in a column every Tuesday, appropriately called Tuesday Morning Quarterback, or TMQ to its legions of admiring readers, of whom I am one.  I don’t read it for its analyses of football games.  I am opposed to football as a “sport.”

I loyally read TMQ, however, for its cultural observations of the world beyond the gridiron and for its wit.  This week’s column demonstrated, once again, the vast expanse of daylight between the moribund New York Times and actual reality as perceived by the tens of millions of Americans who are not employed by the quondam serious publication:

Wacky Food of the Week: The New York Times declared a “flowering in the doughnut arts.” Hibiscus, salted caramel and passion fruit donuts are now baked in the Big Apple, as are mashed-potato donuts with chocolate-hazelnut icing. Yum! One donut baker, the newspaper opined, is “a mystic technologist” because he “makes jam from local fruit.” If making your own jam strikes the New York Times as mystical, perhaps the paper’s staff should get out more. One baker has “the power to amaze” with a donut that is “an homage to the carrot cake.”






















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