The Most Spook-tacular Cars On the Road


Washington, D.C. is ready for Halloween! Row houses have been covered with giant cobwebs, yards scattered with pop-up ghouls, and porches decorated with cleverly carved pumpkins. Our neighbor has a giant arachnid perched above the front door–and when I say “giant,” I mean the spider is half the size of a car. Eek!  Traditional yard and house decorations aside, every once in awhile I see a decorated car (a few pumpkin stickers or a fake bat)– but that’s child’s play compared to some of the die-hard Halloween decorators out there. These die-hard Halloween fans have graduated from the spooky house and yard decorations to the drivable canvases parked in their garages.  Their cars.

I would like to honor these die-hard decorators with an awards ceremony that I’ve created just for them.

Here are the winners of the first annual Automo-BOO-le Awards:

Award: Most Disturbing Presentation

Winner: Silver Jeep Wrangler

I think someone needs to see a shrink…


Award: Best Spook-tacular Car Modification

Winner: Alien PT Cruiser

I doubt anyone will try and brake-check this car.


Award: Best Minimalist Presentation

Winner: Ghost Smart Car

Come on, it’s just so cute!



Award: Most Creative Mix of “All Things Creepy”

Winner: Chop-Shop Honda Accord

This looks like a car for Beetlejuice–and all his weird friends.  Is that Gandalf in the back?


Award: Best Costume for a Retro Car

Winner: Pirate Ship Volkswagen Thing

It must be magic–how does she drive AND sail at the same time?


Award: Best Use of a Pumpkin

Winner: Evil, Orange Hot Rod

This Pumpkin will call you out for not using your blinker.









Award: Most-Likely to Make Your Skin Crawl

Winner: Slithery Snake Hatchback

This car belongs to either a Herpetologist, Britney Spears, or Dennis Rodman.  My money is on Rodman.


Award: Best Use of a Spider

Winner: Arachnid Pontiac Bonneville

Proof that pipe-cleaners still come in handy after kindergarten.



Award: Best Car Costume Inspired by a Movie

Winner: Ghostbusters Scion xB

Best use of a Scion xB to date.



Award: Strangest Use of Baby Dolls and Skulls

Winner: Weird Canadian Car

I’m assuming someone always wanted a Cabbage Patch doll and just never got one…


Award: Most Kid-Friendly Car Costume

Winner: Mater Pick up truck

Everybody loves Mater!