Yes, Transgender Athletes Have an Advantage In Girls' Sports: Here's Proof

Yes, Transgender Athletes Have an Advantage In Girls' Sports: Here's Proof
AP Photo/Pat Eaton-Robb, File

On Monday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law restricting transgender athletes from competing with students of the opposite sex. Texas now joins the growing number of states that currently provide some measure of protection for girls’ athletics.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth have been predictable. A Biden White House spokesperson tweeted, “Our message to young transgender people in Texas and across the country: these hateful bills are bullying disguised as legislation, and @POTUS and our Administration will always keep fighting for the full equality LGBTQ+ folks deserve.”

“The new law, brought on by the state GOP’s dangerous, unscientific crusade against trans youth, prohibits trans & gender non-conforming youth from participating in student athletics alongside their cis peers,” claimed alternative media company LogoTV.

“The justification for #HB25 is based in fiction, but the mental health impacts it will have are very real,” laments Trevor Project CEO Amit Paley.

Of course, one of the especially pernicious tactics used by underage transition proponents is the assertion that, if you don’t pretend a child is a member of the opposite sex, that child will KILL THEIRSELF and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT! No one seems to wonder whether having parents without a grasp on objective reality might be the actual source of the child’s misery. And activists are never concerned with the distress a transgender child might cause classmates who are forced to pretend that 2+2=5.

Parents and female athletes who object to being forced to compete with bigger, stronger, faster biological males can point to myriad examples of unfair competition. High school girls lose titles and scholarship opportunities to transgender “girls.” Female powerlifters see their records demolished and their competition openings taken. Women in MMA are hospitalized with injuries inflicted by trans opponents. The case against allowing biological males to compete with biological females is fairly easy to make.

So, is there a similar case to be made against allowing biological girls to compete against boys? In a word: no.

I spent hours researching, and I was unable to find any examples of biological females dominating male athletes. Maybe there are one or two outliers I am unaware of, but they aren’t noteworthy enough to appear in numerous searches.

Biological male athletes don’t have an advantage over females in school sports, proponents insist. If that is the case, there should be an equal number of biological females triumphing over males. But there aren’t. There are an estimated 35,000 transgender high school athletes, a large enough sample to create norms. Surely the females-to-males dominate the males sometimes? Nope, not that I could find.

The physical advantage that biological males have over females is a provable truth. compares athletic performances of boy athletes (up to age 18) to adult women world-class athletes. The boys crush the women in every category.

But the LGBTQ lobby is adamant that boys become girls and play girls’ sports, and they are willing to do whatever it takes. Thus, they push for puberty blockers and other cross-sex interventions for pre-pubescent children. “Transgender and gender-diverse children might choose to temporarily suppress puberty through the use of prescription medications called pubertal blockers,” the Mayo Clinic blithely asserts. They’re talking about 9 and 10-year-olds. Children not old enough to choose to consent to sex, buy a can of beer, or see an R-rated movie. But they can “choose” to make a life-altering decision like meddling with the onset of their sexual maturity.

In a glowing pro-trans school athletics piece, ESPN highlights two precious children who believe they are members of the opposite gender.

Stephanie began articulating her gender identity as soon as she could formulate words. “I just knew I was a girl,” she says.

Wilka began communicating that he was a boy from the age of 2.

Got that? We’re talking about two-year-olds here. But you know what they say—a transgender child is like a vegan cat: we all know who’s making the decisions.

Research shows that male babies begin to produce their own testosterone, which affects their development, during gestation. So if a parent is serious about helping her son transition into her daughter, shouldn’t she consider in utero intervention? Why not? I am sure there would be plenty of mothers—sorry, birthing people—who simply know that their embryonic child really, really wants to be a member of the opposite gender.

Or perhaps, if we get to that point, then maybe it really is time for the West to collapse.