KFC Celebrates 30 Years in China with Limited-Edition Smartphone

You read that right— Kentucky Fried Chicken has been operating in China since their first location opened at Tiananmen Square in 1987, and hardcore fans can celebrate their 30th anniversary in China by buying one of five thousand limited edition KFC smartphones.


This Huawei 7 Plus smartphone featuring the iconic Colonel Sanders face on the back plate is only available to fried chicken fanatics who order it via the official Chinese KFC mobile app. The KFC bucket-red Android phone comes in two flavors: 16GB and 32GB. Some the perks that come with owning a KFC phone include 100,000 KFC virtual credits (no confirmation on exactly how much chicken that will get you), and a jukebox-like feature called K-music that allows users to select the music that plays over the sound system of their local KFC.

You know what? I believe that the commercial below can sell the KFC phone way better than I ever could:

Senior vice president of KFC marketing for Yum China Steven Li noted that both KFC, and Huawei, the phone’s manufacturer, have witnessed the rise of China in these 30 years, and both embody the spirit of the times.

The KFC isn’t the only strange special edition smartphone out there, as Pepsi released a soda-themed Pepsi P1, and Samsung created a limited run of Batman and Iron Man themed Galaxy phones. As strange as the entire concept is, I believe that this “Finger Lickin’ Good” KFC phone would easily sell out in the U.S.

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