Hey Democrats: You Aren't Gonna Like Where I Put This Olive Branch

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Democrats Will Have to Work Harder to Get My Unity Vibe

I’m not in the mood.

This column is a follow-up and an expansion upon one I wrote shortly after the election. As someone who has been in the conservative activist and media trenches for a very long time now Joe Biden’s incessant calls for unity that his handlers are scripting for him haven’t really moved me. I spent several years traveling the country as a Tea Party activist and still clearly remember him, his boss, and everyone in Dem Media Land lying about us. Then The Lightbringer weaponized the Internal Revenue Service and deployed the agents as if they were the American Stasi. Just because Democratic voters are too stupid to remember that (and Joe doesn’t remember anything) doesn’t mean I’m ready to fire up the pipes and sing hymns of unity and healing.

I mean, look around — we can’t agree on anything in this country right now. Rather than pretending that we’ll cross some sort of magical bridge on Wednesday that leads us to a place smiles and bipartisanship, let’s just abandon the idea of unity as a goal for now. Put that one on the shelf.

What is particularly off-putting about this is that Biden, his handlers, and their flying monkeys in the media keep insisting that unity is the end game all the while that they are attempting to erase conservatives from the internet. I am not the slightest bit interested in getting along with people who are cavalier about me losing my livelihood.

Still, ol’ Gropes keeps pressing on at the behest of his puppeteers:

To believe this, one has to buy into the total makeover of Joe Biden. I’m not saying that he hasn’t gone full tabula rasa upstairs, I’m just saying that it’s not an excuse. Here’s a reminder from my earlier post:

Joe Biden is a spiteful, divisive politician and has been since he got to Washington. The fact that he’s senile and old now doesn’t make him some sort of cuddly national teddy bear. The mainstream media are — SHOCKER — complicit in the Biden fairy tale, and they’re going to be working it hard for the next year if Joe makes it that far. The more that they can polish Grandpa Gropes’ fake halo, the more they can keep blaming Republicans for everything, because we’re just heartless and won’t go take a big swig at the Fountain of Unity.

As I have mentioned throughout the years, I’ve spent most of my adult life in the entertainment industry working around liberals and I have always been conservative. Admittedly, some of those relationships are strained at the moment but they’re not ruined. I still have many liberal friends and relatives who I get along with just fine. We keep things good by never, ever discussing politics.

It can be done!

The notion that Republicans and Democrats can find a way back to something resembling unity is greatly hampered by the fact that the two parties have incredibly different views on what America even is or should be. We’ve been moving in opposite directions on that for a long time but the process sped up a lot when Barack Obama started yammering on about fundamental change.

When the Democrats speak of bipartisanship and unity what they really mean is that they want Republicans to behave like Democrats. Not a single one of them — especially Joe Biden — are interested in your First, Second, Fifth, or Fourteenth Amendment rights. They can lie all they want but in their heads the path to unity looks something like this:

  1. Shut the conservatives up.
  2. Take the conservatives’ guns.
  3. Screw due process, ruin their lives, then healing or something.

The common Leftmedia narrative for years — especially since Trump came along — is that it’s the Republicans who have been hijacked by the extreme fringe of the party. Like everything else that the Dems say about Republicans, it’s a lie. It’s the Democrats who are completely in the thrall of their crazy-eyed cuckoo fringe. I can assure you that there is nothing that the progressives want for this country that would make me interested in finding some common ground.

If the Democrats could find a way to be honest about anything there might be a case to be made to at least move towards a place where we might one day get along. Until they stop lying about everything (Russia, Joe’s ChiCom entanglement, the fact that they were calling for electors to overturn the 2016 election — you get the picture) we just don’t have the kind of relationship that I feel will benefit from some sort of national scale couples therapy.

The two major political parties in the United States are probably looking at some protracted ideological estrangement, and that’s OK. There are some internecine squabbles on each side that need to be worked out first before any real progress can be made towards each other.

That doesn’t mean we have to keep tensions ratcheted up all of the time and never speak to each other. As my extremely progressive cousin and I found out last summer, if you keep the good beer flowing and talk about anything but politics the afternoon can speed by rather pleasantly.

Just don’t say “unity.” I think that’s a trigger word for me now.


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