The Kruiser Kabana Episode 39: Congratulations to the Coronavirus Class of 2020

The Kruiser Kabana Episode 39: Congratulations to the Coronavirus Class of 2020
As I have mentioned many times in recent weeks, my daughter was a senior in college when all of this pandemic crap hit the fan. A large contingent of us were supposed to have been in the Bronx last weekend celebrating her commencement. Instead, she threw a poker party with some friends and I sat in my courtyard here in Tucson and watched a bare-bones, social-distance ceremony.

Her attitude seems to be good but I began wondering how the high school and college graduates of 2020 might be shaped by this experience. It was the article that Bridget Phetasy wrote for The Atlantic last week that got me wandering down this mental path first, actually. Like Bridget, I also had a very convoluted path from my youthful academic goals to where I am now.

I really hope that this major hiccup in what should have been a very joyous time for these kids gets turned into a positive for most of them.  This isn’t really a commencement address, even though I titled it like one. It’s an examination of how weird my college time was and some of my hopes for the class of 2020.

Also, I’m being kind of positive in this one. Off-brand, I know but, hey, we need to mix it up on occasion.


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