Is This the Dumbest Fact Check Ever?

Is This the Dumbest Fact Check Ever?
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File

There have been a lot of dumb fact checks over the years, most of them in service to the Democrats’ agenda, but this one may take the cake. The ever-diligent members of the Ministry of Truth have been hard at work trying to convince Americans that a bird didn’t poop on President Biden in Iowa.



On April 12, 2022, a video went viral on social media that supposedly showed bird poop falling onto U.S. President Joe Biden’s shoulder as he was speaking at an event in Iowa. We examined that video and photographs from the event, and collected statements from White House officials and journalists.

Here’s what we learned: What landed on Biden’s lapel was more likely a corn byproduct than bird poop.

“More likely.” That caused the history revisionists to swoop in and deem the photo “Miscaptioned.” Snopes went on:

We examined photographs from Reuters, The Associated Press, and Getty Images to get a closer look at this corn/bird poop. Upon closer examination, the “bird poop” appears to be somewhat yellowish in color (like corn) and looks more like dust (i.e., from corn processing) than a liquid (i.e., bird poop).

Ok, so the corn pooped on Biden. It was corn poop.

Close-up of AP Photo by Carolyn Kaster

Over at the PolitiFact arm of the Ministry of Truth, it was explained this way:

A Facebook claim said that a bird did its business on Biden’s jacket while the president was delivering a speech in Iowa.

Something did stain the president’s suit during his speech, but it was distillers grains, according to reporters in the room and the White House. A video clearly shows particles flying around from a giant, nearby grain pile. We rate this claim False.


Whatever. The real story here is that the “fact-checkers” are wasting time on silly, lighthearted stories like this. No one read those stories and thought to themselves that a bird pooped on Biden because he’s a failed president or because it’s the end of the world as we know it or because the bird was angry about the Kentucky Fried Chicken Biden had for dinner the night before. Everyone chuckled at the story and went on with their day.

But not the oh-so-serious fact-checkers, who wasted time and money trying to get to the bottom of the story.

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