Kenosha DA Thomas Binger Has a History of Trial Screw-Ups

Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool

How many of you have been watching the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse like our grandmothers watched As the World Turns? I know I’ve been glued to the live coverage and commentary provided by Rekeita Law (when YouTube wasn’t banning the stream so we had to watch PBS’s censored coverage).

One of the things that kept me tuning into this sham trial was the ridiculous and pompous performance by Kenosha District Attorney Thomas Binger. This guy is more unlikeable than that weasel in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” who wouldn’t let the kids eat. Those two are soul twins.


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Binger’s snarky demeanor is so off-putting I don’t think any juror in his or her right mind could possibly want to give him a win—especially after this. Who cares if these guys were setting fires and destroying private property? “Let me tell you all the awful things Joseph Rosenbaum did,” sneered Binger. “He tipped over a porta potty that had no one in it. He swung a chain! He lit a metal garbage dumpster on fire. Oh, and there’s this empty wooden flatbed trailer that they pulled out in the middle of the road and they tipped it over … and they lit it on fire,” he snarked. “Oh, and he said some bad words. He said the n-word. Tsk tsk.

Have you ever heard a worse presentation than this? Oh, wait … here’s one. Binger’s sidekick, James Kraus, gave the worst argument ever uttered against the right of self-defense. “Everyone takes a beating once in a while,” said Kraus. Excuse my language, but holy sh*t. 

Then there was the time that Binger almost caused a mistrial by trying to impugn Rittenhouse for asserting his fifth amendment rights that. Remember that? What a moron. “Mr. Binger is either forgetting the court’s rulings or attempting to provoke a mistrial in this matter,” said the defense counsel for Rittenhouse.

The judge replied by yelling at Binger, “I was astonished when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant’s post-arrest silence. That’s basic law, it’s been basic law in this country for 40, 50 years, and I have no idea why you would do that.” I would submit to you that it’s a combination of stupidity and corruption. This guy is everything that’s wrong with government agents who have too much power.

But what else has Tweedle Dumb been up to in Kenosha? One of my favorite accounts on Twitter is An Open Secret, which exposes heinous cases of child sex abuse and the injustice that child victims face. They’ve been tweeting about the case.

“If you’re watching the Rittenhouse case: Child sex abuse survivors often have to rely upon terrible DAs like Binger, who flail in Court. That’s a big reason why so many weak DAs avoid trial, and agree to weak plea deals with little or no jail time, for guilty pedophiles,” wrote An Open Secret. “Imagine a child sex abuse survivor having to rely upon a clown DA like Binger to get justice.”

In the above clip, Binger lies to the jury about the rights of Americans to self-defense. “You lose the right to self-defense when you’re the one who brought a gun.” That is so absurd I won’t bother to explain it. I’m sure all of you reading this understand that this is total garbage not supported by any law.

But An Open Secret actually found a case where Binger caused a child molester to walk because of behavior like this. “Feeonquay Jenkins, 27, arrested for child enticement, 1st-degree sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl, 10 counts of bail jumping, 2 counts of obstructing police. Jenkins gave the girl alcohol and drugs, took her to an apartment and sexually assaulted her. Kenosha DA Binger blew it.”

During the trial for Jenkins, Binger brought up a line of questioning he wasn’t supposed to that was deemed prejudicial to the jury, and so the judge declared a mistrial. The Kenosha News reported:

On Tuesday, Judge Jason Rossell granted a defense motion for a mistrial after the defense objected to testimony that Jenkins was a pimp who ran a prostitution ring. The defense said the testimony was prejudicial.

Rossell ruled that with the testimony, the assertion by his attorney during opening statements that Jenkins would testify in his own defense left his defense compromised.

He granted the mistrial without prejudice, meaning the state can bring the case against Jenkins to trial again.

Binger took a case where all the evidence was on the state’s side and he blew it and let a child rapist walk free. But in the Rittenhouse case, where none of the evidence is on the state’s side, he is fabricating evidence (see the “hocus pocus out of focus” photograph the state has pinned its case on), lied about our laws, and committed egregious unconstitutional acts against his duty as an officer of the court in order to lock up an innocent kid. Who hired this guy, and why? He’s a terrible prosecutor and he should be disbarred. Do I even have to show you what he did to the jury? This is so outrageous, he should have been held in contempt of court and hauled off to the county jail immediately for this stunt, where he waved a gun at the jury with his finger on the trigger. This level of incompetence and corruption among prosecutors is not rare. It just isn’t seen very often, because high-profile cases that everyone wants to watch aren’t always live-streamed.

If this doesn’t convince you that all court cases should be live-streamed so the people can see what is really going on, nothing will.