Weekly Good News Round-Up: October Bliss, Woman's Best Friend, and Everybody Loves Brandon

Weekly Good News Round-Up: October Bliss, Woman's Best Friend, and Everybody Loves Brandon
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It’s Friday again, thank God. Grab your favorite autumnal hot toddy and snuggle up under your handknitted afghan for some soothing news that won’t make you want to kill yourself or anyone else. You’re welcome.Β 

Autumnal Wonderland

Fall in New York is not disappointing. My son has proven that he carries my DNA because when he saw this amazing pile of yellow leaves at the park he threw himself into it and make a leaf angel.

Have you started your pumpkin carving yet? If so, get on Twitter and share your photos with me. Here are ours. I’m always surprised by how much work it is, but it’s worth it. Mine’s the lazy one with the giant polka dots. I ran out of steam after hollowing out three of them. (And yes, that’s an illuminated Stranger Things Lego set behind the pumpkins. It’s my favorite thing.)

Babies and Daddies Are the Best

Those of you who have kids probably remember moments like these. For those of you who don’t, this will make you want some kids of your own. This reminds me of when Mr. Fox used to travel a lot and the kids would lose their minds when he came home. This is the sweetest video I’ve ever seen. (Wait for the cap throw).

We’re Still Not Tired of “Let’s Go Brandon”

Proving that the F* Joe Biden chant (which some lying media person claimed was “Let’s Go Brandon”) is still the most popular joke in America (besides “Brandon” himself), this viral video makes me laugh out loud. These NASCAR kids got a chance to get on live TV and, well….watch it.

One thing that always brings me joy is watching today’s kids see through the media BS. It always warms my heart. Keep telling the truth, America.

Dogs Aren’t Just Man’s Best Friend

I know this video is a few years old but I just saw it. Maybe some of you haven’t seen it either. And if this doesn’t get your chuckling and reaching for extra treats for Fido, I don’t know what will. Watch this awesome street video of a dog watching out for his neighbors. When a woman is attacked, this pooch knows exactly what to do. I love watching his body language. He knows this dude is up to no good and he’s ready. God bless this doggo.

I hope this column helps you go into your weekend smiling. Enjoy every day you have off and spend it with the ones you love. (Don’t forget to share your pumpkin carving photos!)