The Antidote to Cancel Culture and Screaming Karens Is More Jesus, Less Critical Race Theory

YouTube screenshot of New York Times Cancel Culture video.

“Karen” is trending on Twitter again because another white woman is facing the outrage mob for having a meltdown in Victoria’s Secret while being filmed in public by a black woman who claimed she was being harassed by the white shopper. I refuse to repost the video here because I don’t think this sort of thing helps anyone. I was hoping that after COVID was over, we could stop trying to pick fights with strangers and uploading videos of those fights to make people mad. All of these videos show humanity at its worst. This situation is no different. I will not be using real names. If you want to know who these people are, you can find out pretty easily.

The nine-part video series starts after whatever triggering event happened and so we do not know what led to “Karen” striking out at the woman who is filming her. The alleged victim claimed that Karen crowded her in front of a rack of clothes and was rude. We first see Karen trying to knock the phone from the alleged victim’s hand. It was a stupid thing to do. If you should find yourself out in public and someone decides to film you in order to create some kind of public outrage on social media, do yourself and everyone else a favor and behave yourself. There is no expectation of privacy in public, and filming is not a crime and it is not harassment. If you feel harassed by it, leave the vicinity immediately.

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The reaction from this Karen was ridiculously over the top as she screamed, fell on the floor, pretended to faint, began shaking, and eventually began chasing the woman filming around the store. None of these reactions is the right thing to do in this situation. The reason for this mental breakdown/extreme overreaction is a new phobia people are developing about being canceled via social media. Cancel culture, where someone loses their job, home, social status, and relationships over a viral video or tweet, has become something very real to fear.

In the video, you can hear Karen begging the woman to stop filming because she fears losing her job. And I’m sure she will. But instead of having a five-alarm tantrum, Karen should have simply walked away. Instead, she fed into the critical race theory cultist’s stereotype of white women who call the police unnecessarily on black people and exaggerate the situation (remember Central Park Karen, who called police on a black birdwatcher and choked her dog?). Why do people do this? I’ve never done it and I don’t know why anyone would try it. Again, filming in public is not a crime. Lying to the police about another person is a crime.

But the critical race cultist (CRC) sees everything through a prism of race. Instead of considering that Karen’s reaction might be due to real fear of job loss and nationwide embarrassment, the CRC believes there could only be one explanation: racism. Occam’s Razor—the simplest answer usually being the right one—would suggest it’s not that complicated. It’s more likely that Karen freaked out because she’s seen what happened to other white women in viral videos and she knows what’s coming.

The CRC in this scenario had every right to be concerned about the unhinged behavior of Victoria’s Secret Karen. She also had every right to call the police, and file a police report, and press charges if possible. Assault and menacing are crimes. Karen should learn that lesson. If the CRC had done that, it would be justice. But instead of going that route, she went a step further and not only posted the video but found Karen’s name and released that, too, stating on film while laughing, “Gotcha, bitch!”

The CRC also expressed her wish that Karen would lose her job and apartment and started raising money to sue her civilly, too. The CRC also went after the police who came on scene. She claimed that the cops catered to Karen while ignoring her. I watched all nine videos. The police spent more time with Karen because she seemed like she was having a medical episode. The CRC says she was not catered to, but she was also laughing and very calm. Police officers generally pay more attention to the person freaking out. Is that racism or is it just how they sort through what happened?

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The CRC did have a point that Karen should have been escorted out of the mall (and it’s not clear whether or not that eventually happened). There were several mistakes during this episode:

  • Not one Victoria’s Secret employee tried to stop Karen from upsetting customers.
  • Not one employee attempted to make Karen leave the store.
  • Not one employee asked the CRC if she was okay.
  • Every employee acted like the incident was not happening and made it absurdly uncomfortable and endangered their customers.
  • Customers who tried to help scolded the CRC for filming (which she has a right to do, especially for evidence) instead of getting Karen out of the store.
  • The CRC egged on someone who looked like she might be having a nervous breakdown. When she fell to the floor (whether fake or not), the CRC should have backed away and called for help. She could have kept filming without being obvious or ramping up the conflict.
  • The police officer should have looked at the video before proclaiming he couldn’t ask Karen to leave the mall.
  • The CRC released the videos to the public, seeking revenge instead of justice.

But the biggest mistake here is that people do not treat each other the way they want to be treated. This leads to strife and violence. If either one had just asked themselves “WWJD?” then none of it would have happened in the first place. If Jesus had been looking at new robes and someone had pushed past Him to look first, I have a hard time imagining Him whipping out a phone to record the affront and sending it off for all of Nazareth to judge. If Jesus had upset someone by cutting in front of her to look at some robes, I bet he would have apologized immediately and moved on to another part of the store.

If either one of these women had simply obeyed the Golden Rule, none of this would have happened. They both had an opportunity to let it go, to be humble, kind, and forgiving. Neither chose any of those things. Instead, one chose to lie, exaggerate, cause a scene, and attack—and the other chose to seek revenge and delight in the suffering of another.

They’re both going to regret this. 

The Central Park birdwatcher redeemed himself after making the mistake of releasing his film to the public. The New York Times reported his change of heart. 

The man at the center of the Central Park “Karen” fiasco has said he will not cooperate with the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation, according to a new report.

Christian Cooper told the New York Times on Tuesday that Amy Cooper, 41, has suffered enough since the May encounter that destroyed her career and reputation.

That’s what Jesus would do. And we all need more Jesus. The answer to being constantly offended is more Jesus. The answer to being entitled and rude is more Jesus. And if you find yourself attacking a stranger of any color over some discount panties, you definitely need more Jesus.

Love your neighbor as yourself, turn the other cheek, do not repay evil with evil. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Love never fails.

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Our whole society is crumbling because everyone has forgotten the things we learned in Sunday School. It might be racism, but it seems more like the full-scale cultural capitulation to the deadly sins. And everybody needs to repent and then go do something kind for someone who offends or upsets you. That’s the only way out of this.