The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 27: The Dark and Divisive Dem Convention

It’s finally over. The dark and divisive days that come every four years, when Democrats gather to tell you how much they hate you and everything you hold dear, have finally concluded and the PJ Media staff has been released from the nauseating duty of covering it. Tune in this week for my take on the awkward comedy at the Dem convention, the bad staging, and Grandpa Joe screaming at us for twenty-four minutes straight.

Did Joe Biden really give the speech of his life or is the bar just ridiculously low? The New York Times gushed, predictably, over Biden’s performance.

One of the big questions attending Joe Biden’s big speech at the Democratic National Convention was whether he still had enough gas and enough grip to get to the end of it without losing velocity or swerving this way and that.He did. He absolutely did…He’s a paragon of stamina and stubborn optimism for a country that desperately needs one. In a period of great pain, he’s a crucial lesson in perseverance.

That’s one way to look at it, but is it true? Tune in to get my take on it!