Media Malfeasance: Don Lemon Won't Admit 'Noose' Tale Was a Bust

Media Malfeasance: Don Lemon Won't Admit 'Noose' Tale Was a Bust
Photo by Jason Mendez/Invision/AP

As Bubba Wallace makes the talk show rounds to try and explain the noose hoax America was put through by NASCAR over the weekend, Don Lemon got one of the first interviews. What the interview revealed is that no one is living in as much of a reality-free bubble as Don Lemon.

One can’t help but feel a little sorry for Wallace, who by his account did not find the garage-pull that someone thought was a noose, but was accosted in his trailer by a crying Steve Phelps, the president of NASCAR, and regaled with a tale of racism by a man he should be able to trust. Phelps started this fire without double-checking his facts. He didn’t even go into the other garages to see if the other rope-pulls were fashioned similarly (they were).

The question should be asked: Did Steve Phelps see an opportunity to get more eyes on his sport and callously take it at the expense of one of his drivers and the nation’s open raw wound of racial hysteria? During the interview with Lemon, Wallace described Phelps coming to him with the “hate crime” tall tale. “Tears rolling down his face…the evidence he brought to me that a hate crime was committed [and] I immediately thought my family was in danger.”

Wow. That’s irresponsible of Phelps to have made a man fear for the safety of his family over a garage-pull.

But then Don Lemon had to jump in and put his spin on the situation. “Did NASCAR get it wrong? Did they jump the gun, maybe? Yes. But I’m extremely happy…did they get it wrong? Somewhat.”

Somewhat? They somewhat got it wrong? Don, it was a garage-pull. It was not a noose. Every stall had one. In what way did they only somewhat get it wrong?

If that’s not bad enough, Lemon then encouraged Wallace to be paranoid about his fans. “Let’s not forget the people out there still feel a certain kind of way about you and that [Confederate] flag, so I don’t think that you should feel badly about what happened.”

Don Lemon, brainwasher

This is a great example of how the media abuses people. Wallace doesn’t know he’s being abused but Lemon might as well be punching him in the face during this interview. Wallace is being used to push a narrative that America is a racist nation even in the midst of a story where it was proven there was no act of racism. But somehow they turn it into more proof that people hate Bubba Wallace! This poor man is being brainwashed on live television.

No one said it better than Brandon Straka about how this works on people who don’t see the truth. “You almost can’t even blame this Bubba person,” he wrote. “Minorities are so conditioned to interpret normal things as bigotry, discrimination, & injustice. Before I woke up I could hardly get through an ice cream cone without thinking the sprinkles were trying to gay bash me.”

It must be terrible to see racism in everything and that’s what the media and their lying propaganda machine has done to half of America. Imagine walking around seeing hatred on every street corner! No wonder they’re so angry and upset. Meanwhile, the rest of us just see a garage door-pull. The question is, how do we get more of them to wake up to this giant scam?