Biden's Economic Plan Includes Weaponized, Even Scarier IRS


Word comes that while President Biden’s Democratic Socialist regime seeks to neuter ICE and offers lip-service to BLM’s call to defund law enforcement, it is seeking $80 billion in increased funding to beef-up Internal Revenue Service enforcement.

From the linked Fortune report:

The enforcement plan is a central component of President Joe Biden’s quest to fund his roughly $4 trillion in long-term economic proposals. The administration called for banks and cryptocurrency exchanges to report transactions to the Internal Revenue Service, which would also get new auditors and an upgraded information-technology system.

Biden’s team will need every additional penny collected by this expansion to pay for Kamala Harris’s ruinous plan for America. The agency known for being as inexorable as death will have to dig deep to subsidize mostly-useless windmills, benefits for illegal aliens, and, after Harris takes over, a federal mandate to make Critical Race Theory part of the public school system’s core curriculum.

Despite claims to the contrary, don’t think these additional agents will scrutinize only the returns of corporations and the super-rich. The ostensible plan is to target those making over $400k and deep-pocket corporations, but the nation’s wealthiest earners and businesses don’t have near enough money to cover the costs of the planned transformation. American small businesses are in the cross-hairs. And the pain will definitely trickle down.

With former President Trump’s glorious energy initiatives frittered away like Anthony Fauci’s COVID credibility, U.S. citizens are now paying more for gas—a kind of tax—and will be digging deeper too, to pay for Biden and company’s devious agenda. With the Keystone Pipeline maliciously scuttled in the name of imbecilic environmental policy, and the “president in name only” greenlighting approval of a robust Russia/German conduit, the oil-producing nations of the Middle East are manning their pumps in amazement at the stupidity of Biden’s knee-cap shot to American energy independence.

People who pay little to no taxes and the wealthy leftist elite think it’s great, while the besieged middle-and working-classes pony-up to provide the former with food stamps and the latter with “feel-good” legislation. The legions of the ground troops charged with collecting the “fair shares” needed to fund this madness are being reinforced.

Border-jumping immigrants will shack-up at Comfort Inns on the taxpayer dime while citizens carve evermore out of their discretionary incomes to avoid a registered mail knock-at-the-door from Uncle Sam’s collection agency. Conversations around national kitchen tables will focus on strategies to mitigate the rigors of Biden’s higher taxes in order to meet the economic demands of the new administration’s regression into inflation—another in-effect tax.

The monies collected by the new enforcement deployment will often be wasted, sown to the wind like confetti drifting over a triumphant globalist parade. Like millions of taxpayer dollars parked on a tarmac in Iran, the foolish, anti-American expenditures will make past boondoggles such as Solyndra and the social habits of monkeys—Fauci’s NIH strikes again–look like sound investments.

The extra billions needed to pay for Democratic Socialism will spur the migration of investment capital outside the United States while taxpayer-dependent immigrants flood schools and hospitals. This reduces the corporate tax infusion, to the extent that corporations pay taxes, and trickles the burden down onto taxpayers struggling to break even against the pandemic. And yet the renewed efficiency and sweep of the IRS investigators won’t nudge the hands on the U.S. debt clock down a fraction of a fraction. Communist China will doubtless approve of an America indebted by additional trillions, and, like the Internal Revenue Service and the beleaguered taxpayer, digging deeper.

Paying taxes is a responsibility for those enjoying citizenship in a free republic. Flagrant and more expert tax evasion is apparently rampant, probably for many of the reasons mentioned above. Over the next decade, U.S. Treasury estimates project as much as a $7-trillion difference between legitimate taxes owed and taxes paid, due to intricate and sometimes illegal fiduciary maneuvers aimed at reducing the tax bite.  As reported in the Forbes article, Biden’s plan looks to recoup $700 million of that amount ASAP, and $1.6 billion over the next decade.

To be clear, when criticisms are leveled at federal government entities such as the FBI and Department of Justice, it goes without saying that the criticisms aren’t necessarily meant to reflect adversely on the rank-and-file professionals who go to work each day committed to protecting and preserving the laws of the land.

Similarly, when the IRS is up for criticism, it is not meant to reflect on the tens of thousands of agency employees who are doing the job of providing for the coffers of the greatest nation on earth. If Biden’s grand economic plan passes intact, the Internal Revenue Service will increase multifold its mission to collect each and every legitimate taxation dollar, with a greatly expanded budget.

Look not at the employees of the IRS, but through the prism of what the money will be spent on. How it will be wasted. How it will be undeservedly doled out. How it will serve to undermine and diminish the traditional American dream.

Kitchen tables across the land will be newly-weighted with the cost of doing business in a country seized by the Left.

Get your books in order.