Have You Seen What's Happening in Australia? It's Coming to the U.S. Next.

Have You Seen What's Happening in Australia? It's Coming to the U.S. Next.
AP Photo/Antonio Calanni

I used to watch WWII documentaries about Germany and ask, “Why didn’t those civilians fight back before walking into a gas chamber?” Now I know.

The United States has gone from the land of the free and the home of the brave to: “Show me your vaccine passport or you’re fired.” The truly disturbing part is that it took only 18 months for Americans to allow their freedoms to erode. Many Americans on the left, happy to be told what to do, welcome the tyranny.

What’s coming next? Well, have you seen what’s happening in Australia?

Watch this brief video, unless you don’t like to see unarmed girls and women (and men) strangled, beaten, shot with rubber bullets, slammed to the ground, and pepper-sprayed.

What have we learned from those WWII documentaries? Never think it can’t happen to you.

Look at the moving of the goalposts that we’ve already seen. We were told we needed “15 days to flatten the curve.” How did that work out? Some states didn’t remove their final restrictions until June of 2021.

Fauci Is a Clown

Most Americans put up with the lockdowns and mandates, believing they were “following the science,” despite Fauci’s jester-like handling of the pandemic, starting with the suggestion that Americans don’t need to worry about COVID.

Remember when Fauci said on March 9, 2020, that cruise ships were safe? Twelve days later, cruise ships were stranded at sea. Ports wouldn’t allow them in. Yet liberal lemmings follow Fauci’s advice to this day. Fauci just told CNN that a Delta surge is coming to the Northeast (DUH. COVID hits people who stay indoors, whether it’s Florida in summer or New Yorkers in winter). Fauci warns that to prevent a surge,  masks, social distancing, and vaccinations will be required.

FACT-O-RAMA! The seven-day rolling COVID death average on Sept 28, 2020, was 736. Today it is 2,026, despite 75% of the population being at least partially vaccinated.

If COVID were an island, Fauci would be Gilligan.

Don’t Think Australia Is Alone

Political pundit Mark Dice jokingly asked Americans to sign a petition calling for anti-vaxxers to be arrested. People signed it. They weren’t joking.



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Australians are fighting for freedoms they took for granted in early 2020, and are being brutalized by cops who are doing the dirty work of a government that believes it’s ok to beat people protesting Draconian reactions for a virus that has a 98.8% survival rate on their island.

Maybe Australia should look to Sweden for guidance. No lockdowns, few COVID cases, and no rubber bullets.

We should look to Australia to see what is coming our way next, and keep watching those WWII documentaries.