Biden Shamelessly Defends His Decision to Drop the Ball in Afghanistan

Biden Shamelessly Defends His Decision to Drop the Ball in Afghanistan
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Don’t Like It? Cash Me Outside

A defiant Joe Biden stuck by his decision to leave Afghanistan to the Taliban and al-Qeada in a Monday afternoon speech. He argued that it was the right thing to do because of the time and money  spent and the lives lost or decimated in Afghanistan.

He owned the decision to leave, but that’s not the point. We all wanted to leave, Joe, but not like that. Not in the middle of the night, without telling our allies. Good thing our forces shut the lights off before they left. He swore it wouldn’t be a Saigon moment. Oh look…

Literally everything Biden said wouldn’t happen has happened. He didn’t mention that. He didn’t take responsibility for his asinine plan to pull out. He blamed the Afghan politicians and the Afghan army. He even mentioned that he didn’t want to follow through on you-know-who’s previous agreement.

Biden claimed he wanted to bring vulnerable Afghans out of the country before pulling out the troops but didn’t because “some didn’t want to leave.” I guess Joe hasn’t seen the video of people actually clinging to a plane as it taxies, then falling to their deaths after liftoff.

His speech was so bad that even lickspittle Jake Tapper turned on him.

Kamala Harris wanted some credit for the withdrawal and took a victory lap as well, claiming she played a “key role” in the plan, but that was before desperate Afghans were riding on the outside of an airplane.

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Taking responsibility to pull out, but not accepting blame for the catastrophic way it was implemented, is like taking credit for throwing a gender-reveal party but not mentioning that you built the explosive that blew off the dad’s face and left his skull covered in pink goo.

“What’s my kid gonna be?!?!?” BOOM. An orphan.

Biden complained that the war in Afghanistan has gone on too long. Why didn’t he mention that when he was vice president for eight years?

If anyone should have seen this catastrophe coming, it’s Joe Biden. He played a “key role” in pulling out of Iraq and the aftermath that followed, including the birth of ISIS.

Now that the Taliban and al-Qaeda are all kissy-face with each other, they have a country, and they have China behind them, what does that mean for the U.S.? I predict the first terror attack on U.S. soil comes no later than New Year’s Eve. I hope I’m wrong. I’ll blame the Irish Gunpowder Gin and Fever Tree Cucumber tonic with lavendar bitters, which I wont add again.


President Trump chimed in on Telegram, stating, “It’s not that we left Afghanistan. It’s the grossly incompetent way we left!” God I miss him. #2024