British Social Worker Deemed 'Unemployable' Due to Christian Beliefs

British Social Worker Deemed 'Unemployable' Due to Christian Beliefs
Facebook / Felix Ngole

Felix Ngole escaped horrific violence in Cameroon to start a new life in the UK, only to encounter persecution in his adopted home. What Ngole wanted more than anything else was to serve his community as a social worker, and he worked his way through university to be able to do so.


When Ngole received an employment offer from healthcare provider Touchstone Support Leeds, he thought of it as his “dream job,” but the company rescinded its offer when it discovered that Ngole had won a court case involving free speech surrounding Ngole’s belief in traditional marriage.

Christian Concern explains:

The role would have involved working at Wakefield Hospital to manage the discharge of patients with mental health conditions into the community. But after Touchstone’s chief executive, Kathryn Hart, discovered online articles about Felix’s previous legal case, the offer was withdrawn.

In 2019, Felix won a landmark free speech case at the Court of Appeal challenging his university’s decision to expel him for Facebook comments upholding marriage and Christian sexual ethics. The court ruled that “the mere expression of religious views about sin does not necessarily connote discrimination” and Felix subsequently completed his course.

Touchstone, which was recruiting for Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), not only considered Ngole to be the ideal candidate for the position, but the company also gave him “the highest marks of any candidate on an equality and diversity assessment,” according to Christian Concern.

But then Touchstone told Ngole that it had “significant areas of concern” about his “suitability for the role.” The CEO told him that “In particular, we can see that you have very strong views against homosexuality and same sex marriage, which completely go against the views of Touchstone, an organisation committed to actively promoting and supporting LGBTQ+ rights.”


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Ngole told Touchstone that he wouldn’t discriminate against anyone he served or assisted, but he added, “What I cannot do, and you cannot reasonably expect me to do without yourselves being discriminatory, is make my participation in the ‘promotion of homosexual rights’ a condition of my employment.”

Of course, we all know that such a declaration simply wouldn’t work, not when the Pride Cult runs the show.

“I was told I was the best candidate for the job, then they suddenly said I was unemployable because they discovered that I am a Christian,” Ngole said. “The reasons they gave for withdrawing the job offer were an attack on me and my faith. They made it seem that 100% of the people I would be helping would be LGBT and that I had to pledge allegiance to the LGBT flag and forget about my Christian beliefs.”

“If we get to the point where if you don’t celebrate and support LGBT you can’t have a job, then every Christian out there doesn’t have a future,” he added. “You can study as much as you like, but you will not have a chance.”

Ngole sounded an especially somber note when he pointed out that “The UK is no longer the country I heard about all those years ago when fleeing Cameroon. The UK then was a bastion of free speech and expression.”


The Christian Legal Centre is helping Ngole fight his case in court. The case was supposed to begin this week, but Ngole posted on Facebook on Monday that the court delayed the proceedings until April of next year.

In the meantime, Ngole knows that his faith means more than anything the world can offer him. “I cannot deny my faith to get a job. One day I will leave this world and I won’t leave with anything other than my faith. I will be happy to be a cleaner, if need be, as long as I keep my faith and am right before God.”

Ngole’s story isn’t the only example of Christians facing discrimination in today’s culture. As the Rainbow Mafia grows bolder, more Christians and conservatives will become targets.

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