Freshman Republicans Fight Democrats, Big Tech, and the Media to Restore Conservative Principles in Congress

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Ulysses S. Grant wasn’t at the top of his West Point class. He wasn’t a very successful businessman. When the nation was in peril, no one saw him as the leader who would save the day. But history records that Grant won key victories and when other failed generals, the media, and Copperhead Democrats questioned him, President Lincoln waved the naysayers away. “I cannot spare this man,” Lincoln said. “He fights!” 

I can’t help but think of this when looking at what’s likely to play out over the next few, crucial years. 

Much has been written about the future of the Republican Party in recent months, but one authoritative source believes its future is bright. 

In a recent interview, former President Donald Trump shared his thoughts on the next generation of up-and-coming leaders within the party, noting that “we have a lot of young, good people” and that “the Republican party is stacked.” While he singled out notable conservatives such as Ron DeSantis and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a group of up-and-coming freshmen in the House of Representatives is worth watching as they promise to stand strong in the capitol. They will face enormous criticism and pressure, and they know it. 

Members of Congress such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorn, and Lauren Boebert will continue the work of draining the swamp that President Trump started four years ago. Unlike establishment Republicans who tend to look out for special interests and still think corporate America is their friend, these new leaders reflect the true spirit of the American people and represent the next generation of conservative leadership.

The recent vote by the self-proclaimed fiscal conservatives of the Republican conference to reinstitute earmarks – by secret ballot, of course – shows that the establishment will not go down without a fight. It’s a stunning reversal of one of the greatest accomplishments of the TEA party era and a reminder that despite the energy and significant electoral gains that movement brought to the party, many in the old guard continue catering to special interests instead of reflecting the will of the people. 

Conservatives deserve better. It’s time for the establishment Republicans, who in effect just serve to help progressives in Congress, to make way for new members who will be true to themselves and their constituents. We need leaders who won’t be afraid to tell it like it is and actually speak truth to power.

Take, for example, the deteriorating situation on the border. One of the most pressing issues facing the country today is due to ill intentions and to this vacuum of leadership in Washington. By failing to stand up to the Biden administration’s efforts to defund the wall and provide free healthcare, housing, and stimulus checks to illegal immigrants, Republican leaders have allowed the crisis to become that much worse. Fortunately, the new class of freshmen Republicans is springing into action.

The border is in crisis thanks to Joe Biden’s recklessness. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene recently introduced the Protect America First Act to continue the work started by President Trump to secure the border and put American citizens, not illegal immigrants, first. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert meanwhile has also introduced two similar pieces of legislation known as the Secure the Southern Border Act and the No Amnesty Act. These bills promise to end the border crisis and protect our communities by reinstating actual solutions implemented by the Trump administration that have since been canceled by President Biden, and by creating responsible and accountable immigration policy.

As you can imagine, shaking up the status quo and taking on liberals in Washington has not come without pushback. This has been most striking in the case of Rep. Greene, who has been attacked by the fake news media, big tech giants, and within the halls of Congress. Republican leaders going forward will have to have courage and tenacity as they face relentless attacks. Greene does. 

Democrats in Congress have not only stripped Rep. Greene of her committee assignments, they’re now trying to expel her from Congress altogether, flagrantly disregarding the will of the Georgia voters who elected her. Pelosi tried to remove the duly elected new member from Iowa as well. Pelosi is hellbent on power; Greene and other conservatives face attacks because they provide a brake on Pelosi. On the same day the resolution was introduced, Twitter also suspended Greene’s account, effectively silencing her at a time it was critical to defend herself and respond to these attacks. While Twitter belatedly claimed the action was taken “in error” this was not the first time the Greene had been suspended on the platform, raising questions about the steps the Democratic Party and their big-tech allies will take to silence conservative leaders. It’s amazing how these “errors” seem to go in one direction time after time. 

As progressives and their allies work to radically remake the United States, the next four years will be some of the most important for the future of our country. As luck would have it, a new generation of conservative leaders has arrived just in the nick of time to stand up for American citizens and protect taxpayers from the mess liberals in Washington such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are creating. They are facing wave after wave of attack. There’s an old saying from World War II — if you’re not catching flak, you’re not over the target. Keep that in mind as these and other conservatives face attacks and smears over the next few years.  

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