ISIS Deploys Wheelchair-Bound Suicide Bomber

A new ISIS video shows a wheelchair-bound jihadist being loaded into a bomb-outfitted pickup before he drives off and detonates the vehicle-borne improvised explosive device.

ISIS also shows what it claims to be women jihadists fighting alongside men in battle and claims their fight in Syria is now “the battle to avenge chaste women” as the “deceitful, atheist Kurds” have women commanders on the front lines defeating the terror group.

The film from ISIS’ official al-Hayat Media Center is the seventh part of the terror groups’s “Inside the Khilafah” series released in Arabic and English; the familiar English-language narrator has a North American accent.

“The chaste mujahid woman journeying to her Lord with the garments of purity and faith, seeking revenge for her religion and for the honor of her sisters imprisoned by the apostate Kurds,” the narrator says as a pickup is shown with a trio of purported female fighters in the bed.

(ISIS video)

None of the head-to-toe black-clad women speak in the video, and it’s unclear if they’re actually women. At one point, as a chador-clad fighter runs in slow-motion along with male fighters, the women’s garment flips up enough to show what appear to be men’s sneakers and pants beneath.

The video describes “coordinated, multi-pronged” attacks south of the Euphrates river and shows various purported captures and tortures of Kurds before wrapping up with a jihadist referred to as Abu Abdillah Ash-Shami bidding farewell to his crying daughter and nephew.

Jihadists lift the suicide bomber out of his chair and place him in the driver’s seat, and from behind the wheel he advises others to conduct suicide operations and “go after the atheist and apostate” Kurds, “deal with them and all the religions of kufr [disbelievers].”

“It’s true that I’m disabled, but I’ve been given a lot of suggestions in terms of areas I could work in… I’m not doing this out of weakness, or because of any anguish or suffering,” he tells the camera before driving off. “By Allah, it’s because of my desire to meet Allah.” The video later shows a distant explosion attributed to the truck bomb.

In other parts of the video, jihadists are shown in battle using crutches or being pushed in a wheelchair by a comrade.

(ISIS video)

In the December installment of “Inside the Khilafah,” an American jihadist referred to as Abu Salih Al-Amriki was shown using crutches and attaching a prosthetic leg.

He told wounded jihadists with “one leg or no legs” that they have “no excuse” to not strike the kuffar, or disbelievers. “To the brothers with limbs and no limbs, I challenge you to a race toward the gates of Jannah [paradise],” he said.

In a January video focusing on Kazakh jihadists in Syria, ISIS featured a blind jihadist.