Kristina Ribali


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Kristina is a frequent guest on national conservative radio talk shows such as Lars Larson, and has appeared with Glenn Beck and Dana Loesch on TheBlaze TV. She currently contributes to IJ Review, PJ Media, and the Daily Caller. Since the 90s, Kristina has used her talents as a gifted communicator and organizer to educate and engage limited government activists across the country and been responsible for crafting social media, grassroots, and online strategies for dozens of successful national and state level campaigns. In early 2014 she returned to state level work as the Senior Coalitions Director for the Foundation for Government Accountability.

When Kristina isn’t online she loves hiking, trail running, gardening, and being anywhere the sun shines. If she absolutely must be inside, you’ll either find her at a vintage boutique shopping for her next “must have” dress, or in the kitchen, apron-clad and preparing more food than her husband and two children can possibly eat.

As with most working moms, her life is rarely boring. If you want to know her a bit more, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.