The Rosett Report

Socialist Fairyland

With the White House promising cradle-to-grave state care, pushing a mandatory “voluntary” youth corps, and acting as a major player in deciding everything from Wall Street bonuses to who runs General Motors, here’s a line that caught my eye among news reports of the past week:

“The towns and countryside are being converted into a socialist fairyland and paradise good to live in.”

Who said that?

a) President Obama

b) Speaker Nancy Pelosi

c) NPR

d) North Korea’s KCNA (Korean Central News Agency)

Hint: It’s not a trick question. The answer is (I hope) obvious. But as a piece of North Korean propaganda, it does have this intriguing feature: Had it come from Obama, Pelosi or NPR, it would probably qualify as the most honest articulation yet of the hope-and-change fantasies that now animate Washington.