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And More That the MSM is Not Reporting on Durban II...

From the UN’s Durban II pow-wow in Geneva, and affiliated parts of the UN universe, the horrors just keep coming. Because you aren’t seeing anything about this on TV or in your morning newspaper (unless you subscribe to The New York Sun) I’m listing some more excellent sources of coverage on this Iran-entwined, Libya-chaired, U.S.-bashing, Israel-trashing, anti-democratic UN jamboree-in-the-making.

From Geneva-based UN Watch comes news today that the venue for the “Durban Review” conference itself may not be South Africa, but will likely be in Europe, possibly in Vienna, or Paris, or Geneva… plus updates on the elusive multi-million dollar budgetary plans for this shindig. It’s worth browsing through the UN Watch entries, not only on Durban II, but on the entire travesty that is the UN “Human Rights” Council.

And the Heritage Foundation has recently come out with more excellent background and analysis from Brett Schaefer on why the U.S. should explicitly boycott Durban II — or whatever this conference might best be renamed for a European host city, whether “Vile in Vienna,” “Poisonous in Paris,” or “Ghastly in Geneva.” Don’t miss the related video clip of Heritage’s Nile Gardiner explaining “Why We Should Be Suspicious of the UN,” and the paper by Steven Groves on the dangers of UN treaties that pretend to do things like fight racism, while doing nothing of the kind; instead serving as a vehicle to — you guessed it — attack America.