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You Couldn't Make This Up -- II

In the same week that bomb-happy Iran claims it is enriching uranium on an industrial scale, the UN reelects Iran as — guess what? — a Vice-Chairman of the UN Disarmament Commission. Writing on NRO, Anne Bayefsky has the full report, including a related sidelight, quoting UN Human Rights Council President Luis Alfonso de Alba (the same UN-ocrat who recently tried to stifle Hillel Neuer of UN Watch) on his Council’s decision “to discontinue the consideration of the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran” — this while Iran on top of its chronic domestic repression and abuse was holding British hostages.

These are just a sampling of the latest items in the UN’s own industrial-scale production of You-Couldn’t-Make-This-Up Orwellian moments. For which, as Senator Tom Coburn details here, American taxpayers pay billions all told, including millions for the Disarmament Commission and Human Rights Council.