Trevor Noah Pounces on Left's Silliest Obama Defense

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Liberals aren’t so clingy when it comes to President Barack Obama’s legacy these days.

They realize ObamaCare wasn’t the cure-all he predicted. Just ask the Democratic presidential candidates running on their version of Universal Health Care.


They watch as President Donald Trump supercharges the U.S. economy, something Team Obama couldn’t manage during two presidential terms with or without a magic wand.

They watch the man who famously said, “At some point, you’ve made enough moneysoak Netflix for millions.

The Left still holds one Obama meme dear. The two-term leader presided over a scandal-free administration. And nothing captures that false narrative better than TanSuitGate. Yes, once upon a time Obama wore a tan suit at the White House podium. The sartorial switcheroo made a mild stir … or “scandal” as some Obama acolytes dubbed it, tongues jabbed into their cheeks.

Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah revived a similar theme recently. The show’s official Twitter account shared a video this week of commentators weighing in on Obama’s more comfortable style.


The show recently addressed TanSuitGate, too, via a similar snippet.

For years Obama defenders ignored the IRS targeting conservatives, the Benghazi attack, dubious drone strikes, Hillary Clinton’s homebrew server, Fast and Furious and other bona fide scandals to paint his tenure as squeaky clean. It’s a neon sign of their bubble-dwelling mindset and a reminder of how the press took an eight-year nap rather than hold him accountable. Democracy did, indeed, die in darkness during that stretch.


And Noah’s show is only too eager to remind gimlet-eyed observers of that fact.

It’s still a very odd content choice given Obama’s recent absence from the news cycle. Perhaps Team Comedy Central wanted to compare TanSuitGate to President Trump’s administration.

That timing is unfortunate, too.

We just officially learned the two-year attack on President Trump failed in spectacular fashion courtesy of the Mueller report. That dug into a scandal without merit, a hoax successfully forged by Trump’s enemies.

How did they get away with it? That’s an actual scandal, and one Attorney General Bill Barr suggests will be investigated sooner than later.

Just don’t wait for Noah to dig so much as a toe into it in the weeks ahead. There’s a better chance he’ll bring up Obama’s “Beer Summit” as another faux scandal to keep the phony talking point alive.


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