John Cleese: MAGA Means Hating Monty Python

John Cleese is at an age where he doesn’t care what others think about him.

The “Monty Python” legend, now 78, cussed up a storm during a recent “Tonight Show” appearance, cracking up Jimmy Fallon while giving the show’s censors a workout.


Cleese is equally uncaring when it comes to alienating potential fans… or folks who still might line up to see him on stages across the nation. Thus, his campaign against all things Trump.

Last year, his anti-Trump diatribe on “The Nightly Show” generated thousands of views (the current total? Just shy of 3 million views).

“Trump supporters … still think he’s great, but these are the stupidest people you’ve ever meet,” he cracked.

A few months later, Cleese critiqued both Trump and the sorry state of American film comedies. Here’s his take on the latter:

“The sad thing that happened a few years ago was that older Americans stopped going to the cinema. So then they decided that the way to get people actually into the cinema was to make films that appeal to American males of about 19 years of age. The trouble with American males of 19 years of age is they have no general knowledge, at all. They have no idea where Bosnia is. If you went out to the street in New York and asked them, “Where’s Bosnia?” they wouldn’t have a clue.

As for Trump, Cleese said at the time that the Reality Show Star in Chief is making it hard to be funny.

Trump has done comedians a disservice, because how can you match that? You can’t be funnier than Trump. And it’s real. Odd behavior, strange behavior, is much funnier if it takes place in a conventional atmosphere than if takes place in a distorted atmosphere.


Much more recently, Cleese was at it again. This time, he brought his beloved comedy troupe into the discussion. The legend appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” a reliably progressive talk show perch. Here’s Cleese telling Meyers why the subset of Trump and Python fans is so tiny, allegedly.

CLEESE: “Most Python fans aren’t Trump fans. Let’s face it.” (Crowd cheers)
MEYERS: “Yeah. That’s true. There’s not a lot of — ”
CLEESE: “And if I — if I do a Trump joke sometimes you can see somebody go — and they get up and they’ll walk out to the aisle. And I say, ‘Was it the Trump joke?’ And sometimes they say ‘Yes!’ And sometimes they go — [Cleese waves a select finger in the air known for showing displeasure]”


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