4 Reasons Stephen Colbert Isn't Going Anywhere

Just because something is trending on Twitter doesn’t mean any corresponding action will happen.

Remember 2014’s #BringBackOurGirls campaign, aimed at rescuing 200 kidnapped Nigerian girls? That ferocious social media campaign didn’t change the lives of those poor girls.


And practically every day there’s a similar social media movement aimed at editing out a “problematic” movie scene or getting someone fired.

Like Stephen Colbert.

#FireColbert trended this week after “The Late Show” host told a disgusting oral sex joke aimed at President Donald Trump. The media initially shrugged its shoulders at the offensive line. Then, a few folks on Twitter realized the joke had a whiff of homophobia.

That started the wheels of universal outrage flowing. Still, Colbert isn’t going anywhere. Here are four reasons why.

1. He Picked the Right Target


Remember that rodeo clown who got fired for poking fun at President Barack Obama in one of his live sketches? That performer got a lifetime ban from that particular rodeo, too, along with some death threats.

Why? He targeted President Obama, a politician the culture overlords said was mostly off limits.

Now, compare that to President Trump. Few, if any, media outlets would rise up to defend Trump against a similar attack. We’re seeing that play out right now. Or, more specifically, not play out.


Sarah Palin. Paul Ryan. Mitt Romney. They all got viciously attacked at various points in their political careers. Few, if any, of the folks who slammed them suffered any consequences.

2. GLAAD Is Sitting This Out


The organization dedicated to eradicating hate against the LGBT community hasn’t said a peep about Colbert’s joke. Normally, GLAAD would rise up when a pop culture conversation like this occurred. Not this time.


Is it because Colbert is a progressive dynamo who supports causes near and dear to GLAAD’s heart? You decide.

3. Colbert Is The Left’s Culture Warrior


Where would the press be without Colbert? The liberal comic attacks Trump almost every night, and media reporters dutifully cover each and every jab. It’s the way writers weaponize Colbert’s jokes. They embed them in media stories and, suddenly, they’re given a second life … along with whatever gravitas remains with the Fourth Estate.

Losing Colbert would take away a precious story resource.


4. Media Doesn’t Want This Scalp


Reporters couldn’t stop piling on Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly regarding the sexually charged accusations against him until the network fired him. That isn’t to say O’Reilly is blameless here. If he committed the acts he’s alleged to have done he deserved to get canned.

Still, media outlets sank their teeth into the O’Reilly imbroglio. Story after story after story. Any every angle possible was explored. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

Will the same happen with Colbert? Don’t bet a nickel on it. This story is done in a day or two, no doubt.



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