Vox Report on Egg Industry Practices Flies in the Face of the Left's Abortion and Gender Rhetoric

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The left often insists that its positions on the issues are the only right ones, but once in a while, someone on the left will slip up and make an argument that accidentally bucks the narrative.


The most recent case of this phenomenon comes from Vox, where we get a two-for-one refutation of left-wing talking points. The article in question involves the egg industry, which reportedly puts 6.5 billion male chicks to death every year because, as non-laying birds, they’re of no use to the industry.

By the way, I’ll let you make your own Dylan Mulvaney “male chick” joke here: _______________________________.

After describing the way egg farmers determine male chicks before eggs are even hatched, we get our first taste of bucking the left-wing narrative. The article’s author, Kenny Torrella, writes that egg producers “can use emerging technology to identify the sex of the chick while still in the egg so they can destroy it before it hatches, before the chick can feel pain.”

New technologies allow egg farmers to figure out if a chick inside an egg is male or female between nine and 12 days of incubation. In other words, before a chick is hatched, the farmer can find out if it’s male or female. Notice that there’s no discussion of assigning the chick a gender. There’s nothing about whether a chicken might decide to transition from a rooster to a hen or vice versa and no talk about anything beyond only two genders of chicken.

But it gets better. Not only is Torrella inadvertently making the case for there only being two genders, but he also makes a compelling pro-life argument.


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After describing the success that some egg producers have in determining the sex of chickens early, Torrella writes, “But there’s a catch: Scientists believe that chick embryos could potentially feel pain as early as day seven of their 21-day incubation period. That means that even with the most advanced in-ovo sexing, male chick embryos could still be experiencing suffering.”

That’s right: Vox is drawing attention to the argument that chicks can feel pain in the womb early on in incubation. The piece goes on at length to describe various methods that farmers use in Europe and the U.S. to determine the sex of chicks and how various studies determine the time frame at which these chicks experience suffering.

“Future research could determine the pain threshold to be sooner or later than day 13,” Torrella writes. And it’s worth noting that the worldwide poultry industry is deeply concerned about exactly when a chick can feel pain so that farmers don’t cull — or we could say “abort” — them after the point of pain.

Good ol’ reliably leftist Vox is worried about chicks of specific genders feeling pain before hatching, yet this same outlet pushes for “abortion rights” and the LGBTQetc agenda. What the author (and presumably the editor) of this article is missing is that the piece makes an argument in favor of life and common sense when it comes to gender. Even if Vox did realize this, it would never admit such a thing.


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