Who's the Real Threat to Democracy?

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Today’s Democrat Party likes to call everything they don’t like a “threat to democracy.” If someone cuts a Democrat off in traffic, it’s a threat to democracy. And the list of threats grows longer every day.


Who’s the real threat to democracy? Democrats want you to think that the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, was an attempt to topple the framework of American government, that laws securing the votes of citizens are meant to suppress votes for Democrats, and that Republicans push the most extreme candidates into the spotlight.

But it doesn’t take much to figure out that the Democrats are the ones gaming the system with the goal of entrenching their own power. Let’s take a look at how the Democratic party is the threat to the democracy they claim to want to protect.

I’ll start by explaining how the Democrats are propping up Republican candidates whom they think will lose to Democrats in the midterms and beyond. Earlier this week, Josh Kraushaar wrote over at National Journal about this phenomenon.

“Democrats are intervening aggressively in Republican primaries, looking to promote MAGA-aligned candidates that have natural appeal to a right-wing electorate but are likely losers in a general election.” Kraushaar writes. “Their under-the-radar meddling is already paying dividends, potentially taking several big-state governor’s races off the table for Republicans, even given the historically strong political environment for the GOP. The outside engagement is also endangering Republican prospects in a sleeper Senate race.”


Kraushaar goes on to describe how Democrats are pouring money into races in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Nevada, and elsewhere to sabotage Republicans who stand a chance to beat Democrats. Interference from Democrats can change the game in elections “where the choice of candidates could well make the difference between winning and losing.”

Granted, there’s nothing necessarily illegal about what the Democrats are doing in these races, but for a group of people who talk about wanting our electoral processes to be as pure as the driven snow, engaging in this sort of system-gaming smacks of a double standard.

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Now, on to election laws. Remember how the Democrats — Joe “Great Unifier” Biden among them — referred to election security laws in states like Georgia and Texas as “Jim Crow on steroids“? The grievance crowd stirred and spurred Major League Baseball to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta. (Of course, Georgia and Texas got the last laugh by hosting the World Series games.) In Georgia’s case, elections since the new law passed have seen higher minority turnout and (sorry, Stacey) no voter suppression. No apologies from MLB and virtue-signaling corporations.


Spectator World‘s Oliver Wiseman pointed out earlier this week that the Democrats could have worked with the GOP to enact meaningful measures that would make elections secure but failed to do so because they wouldn’t stray from their hyperbolic voter-suppression rhetoric.

“Earlier this year, senior Democrats could have rolled up their sleeves and worked with Republicans on a package of measures that bolstered the security of American elections,” Wiseman states. “Instead they pressed ahead with a nonstarter of a set of new voting laws. Then the president denounced anyone, in either party, who didn’t support the legislation as little better than a segregationist.”

For the Democrats, the only solution is a federal takeover of elections and measures in place that keep the Democrats in power in perpetuity. There’s no room for anything else, and if anything is a threat to democracy, that sort of power-grubbing mentality is it.

What about political violence? If we’re to believe the Democrats, Jan. 6, 2021, was the worst thing ever. Insurrection! Don’t get me wrong; that event was bad. But the left is blowing that day so far out of proportion that it’s ridiculous.

The Democrats’ worry about violence against officials of the federal government stops short when it comes to conservative Supreme Court justices. After the leaked draft Dobbs decision, pro-abortion activists began protesting at the homes of conservative justices, which is a violation of the law. Some members of Congress tried to beef up security for the justices and their families, and I bet you can guess which ones didn’t.


“When Senators John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, and Chris Coons, a Maryland Democrat, saw the disclosure of Supreme Court justices’ home addresses online and, in the wake of a leaked draft ruling on abortion laws, protests outside some of those homes, they proposed the Supreme Court Police Party Act to help keep justices safe,” Wiseman reminds us. “But Nancy Pelosi’s caucus blocked the Senate-approved legislation passage by unanimous consent in the House.”

Don’t forget that the Biden administration didn’t exactly condemn the protests, and in fact, certain members of the administration spoke in a way that shared an affinity with the protesters. It was all fun and games until authorities arrested a California man who was planning to assassinate or kidnap Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The obvious conclusion we can draw from that is that the Democrats are only against political violence in circumstances that don’t advance their narrative.

With all of these incidents fresh in our memory, I think we should go back to the question I posed in the headline and earlier in this article: Who’s the real threat to democracy? I think we can agree on the answer.

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